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Listings for Watch on Monday, August 25 2014

06:00Total Wipeout Australia The madcap game show goes down under to make an even bigger splash! Australian contestants brave the slippery slope to success for the chance of winning a cash prize. 
06:45The Sarah Jane Adventures Warriors of Kudlak Sci-fi drama from the makers of Doctor Who. Luke and Clyde enter Combat 3000 - a game designed to train warriors - run by the sinister Kudlak. 
07:25The Sarah Jane Adventures Warriors of Kudlak More other-worldly adventures in the Doctor Who spin-off. Luke and Clyde have been kidnapped to be drafted as soldiers in an endless intergalactic war. 
08:00Renovation Challenge: The Block Australian renovation battle. Josh and Jenna have a secret weapon for the garden. The contestants race to start painting their exteriors as the storm clouds gather (37/45). (Also in HD). 
09:00You Gotta Eat Here John Catucci samples more belt-busting food in Canada. He munches on a range of burgers from boar to buffalo, braves waffle burgers and eats a crab club sandwich. (Also in HD). 
09:30You Gotta Eat Here John Catucci hunts down Canada's greatest joints for hearty food. This time, he visits the Boxwood Cafe in Calgary and samples some Belgian fries and an oyster house. (Also in HD). 
10:00Ella Enchanted Film Family adventure with Anne Hathaway. A young girl, under a spell to be obedient at all times, sets off on a journey to remove the curse and falls for a prince. (Also in HD). 
11:45South Pacific Fragile Paradise Concluding the six-part series exploring the South Pacific and its native wildlife. International fishing fleets are taking their toll on sharks, albatross and tuna. (Also in HD). 
12:50Dynamo: Magician Impossible The acclaimed magician travels the world, dazzling those he meets with his astonishing illusions. Dynamo plays poker in Venice and reads the mind of singer-songwriter Labrinth. (Also in HD). 
13:50Dynamo: Magician Impossible The award-winning magician heads to the States for an explosive road trip. Dynamo goes for a gentle stroll in Los Angeles - down the side of the historic LA Times building! (Also in HD). 
14:50Dynamo: Magician Impossible Dynamo goes out with a bang in the final part of his second series. He changes his clothes in a flash - literally - and tries to predict the winners of seven Euro 2012 games. (Also in HD). 
15:50Father of the Bride 2 Film Comedy movie sequel with Steve Martin as George Banks - a proud dad exasperated by family life. Faced with the prospect of becoming a grandfather, George suffers a mid-life crisis. (Also in HD). 
18:00Bruce Almighty Film (2003) Movie comedy about an everyman blessed, or cursed, with Godly powers. After blaming God for the worst day of his life, Bruce is challenged by the Almighty to do a better job. (Also in HD). 
20:00Resurrection The Returned The very first episode of the eerie US drama series. The people of the town of Arcadia, Missouri, are stunned as their lost loved ones return to life. (Also in HD). 
21:00Resurrection Unearth Eerie US supernatural drama series. Sheriff Fred must face family secrets. Caleb cannot remember his own death. (Also in HD). 
22:00Traffic Cops Running on Empty Following the dedicated men and women on the front line of traffic safety. Traffic cops armed with 50,000 volt tasers are called in to make a difficult arrest. 
23:00Being Human USA The Ties that Blind US version of the cult supernatural drama series. Aidan is the target of werewolf twins. Sally finds out who has been haunting her. (Also in HD). 
00:00Resurrection Unearth Eerie US supernatural drama series. Sheriff Fred must face family secrets. Caleb cannot remember his own death. (Also in HD). 
00:50Toughest Place to Be a... Midwife Fascinating series where British workers do their usual jobs in some of the world's most challenging locations. Suzanne Saunders-Blundell works in Liberia as a midwife. (Also in HD). 
01:50Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back What Happens Next New. US reality series following the lives of four overweight teenagers in North Carolina. Three months after their return, the teens receive some surprise visits. 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.