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Listings for Watch on Thursday, December 25 2014

06:00Primeval: New World Angry Birds Exclusive sci-fi drama series. An anomaly opens in a rail yard that's being used to grow marijuana. The cultivators find a curious young bird among the plants. (Also in HD). 
06:55Walking with Beasts Mammoth Journey Spectacular series looking at the lives of prehistoric mammals, using CGI and animatronics. This edition takes viewers to the depths of the Ice Age. 
07:25Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective Film Made-for-TV comedy sequel featuring pet detective Ace Ventura's 12-year-old son. When his mother is accused of stealing a panda, Ace Junior sets out to track down the real thief. (Also in HD). 
09:15Another Cinderella Story Film Musical version of the Cinderella tale in which a young man is heartbroken when an attractive girl leaves a dance before he has a chance to discover her name. (Also in HD). 
11:00TMNT Film Computer animated revival of the cult film series about four martial arts trained turtles. The righteous reptiles reunite to repel an industrialist who plans to take over New York. (Also in HD). 
12:50Mr Nanny Film Amusing story about a professional wrestler who reluctantly agrees to become a nanny to a pair of spoiled brats when his manager gets into financial problems. (Also in HD). 
14:40My Girl 2 Film (1994) Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis star in a touching comedy drama. A 13-year-old girl sets out with a friend to research the life of her mother, whom she never knew. (Also in HD). 
16:40Who Framed Roger Rabbit Film The late, great Bob Hoskins stars in this comic fantasy in which a cartoon rabbit, framed for a murder he didn't commit, teams up with a private eye to clear his name. (Also in HD). 
18:45Father of the Bride 2 Film Comedy movie sequel with Steve Martin as George Banks - a proud dad exasperated by family life. Faced with the prospect of becoming a grandfather, George suffers a mid-life crisis. (Also in HD). 
21:00Superman Returns Film 2006. A blockbuster reboot for the man of steel with Brandon Routh donning the red cape. Returning to earth, Clark finds that both the world and Lois have moved on from Superman. (Also in HD). 
00:00Mimic Film Guillermo del Toro's disturbing sci-fi thriller starring Mira Sorvino. A genetically-modified bug created to kill cockroaches evolves into something far worse. (Also in HD). 
02:05Do No Harm But I'm Allergic to Cats S1, Ep 11. Unusual US medical drama about a surgeon with multiple personality disorder. Ian attempts to protect what he believes to be his son by hiding him. (Also in HD). 
03:00Home Shopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Primeval: New World Undone Exclusive. Monstrously entertaining sci-fi drama. After a university student is attacked by a creature, the team discover a female Lycaenops in the library. (Also in HD).