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Listings for Discovery on Sunday, April 12 2020

06:00Houdini's Last Secrets The Torture Escape. How did Harry Houdini pull off his death-defying escapes? A team of experts investigate his illusions to reveal the secrets of this mysterious stunt. S1, Ep1 
07:00Houdini's Last Secrets To Catch A Bullet. The bullet catch is one of the deadliest tricks in magic history. A team of experts recreate the famed trick to uncover how Houdini could have accomplished it. S1, Ep2 
08:00Houdini's Last Secrets Siberian Prison Conspiracy. Was one of Houdini's greatest escapes a conspiracy to spy for the US government? Experts investigate by recreating his break from a Siberian prison van. S1, Ep3 
09:00Houdini's Last Secrets Buried Alive. Houdini's mysterious sudden death may not have been an accident. Experts recreate his buried alive escape and investigate if he was killed by more sinister forces. S1, Ep4 
10:00Finding Escobar's Millions Bring In The DEA. Former DEA agents Chris and Jerry track down one of Pablo Escobar's top drug traffickers. They race to a secret airstrip where the kingpin hid his drug money. S2, Ep1 
11:00Finding Escobar's Millions What's In The Box? Former DEA agents break open a mysterious concrete box at a secret narco airstrip. They dig for cash at a remote safehouse frequented by Pablo Escobar. S2, Ep2 
12:00Finding Escobar's Millions Family Jewels. Jerry and Chris investigate a property owned by one of Pablo Escobar's cousins and top lieutenant where millions in diamonds and jewels are rumoured to be buried. S2, Ep3 
13:00Finding Escobar's Millions Pablo's Inner Circle. Two former Medellin cartel members provide new intel. It sends Chris and Jerry to examine cocaine labs and secret hideouts in the remote Columbian countryside. S2, Ep4 
14:00Finding Escobar's Millions The Chemist. A former Escobar chemist claims to know where $30 million in cash and gold is buried. Chris and Ramon investigate a new property with secret tunnels. S2, Ep5 
15:00Finding Escobar's Millions Endgame. An informant's erratic behaviour forces the team to decide between shutting down the operation or investigating one more narco property that could be the big one. S2, Ep6 
16:00Nazi Dark Magic Nazi Dark Magic. A series of astrological wheels commissioned by Heinrich Himmler takes Justin to Germany to investigate the Nazi party's supernatural obsession. S1, Ep1 
17:00Civil War Spies Civil War Spies. A mysterious invoice written by Harriet Tubman prompts Justin to investigate the impact a secret network of escaped slaves made on the Civil War. S1, Ep4 
18:00JFK: The Lost Tapes The story of JFK's assassination, told through the unique perspective of newly released government tapes from Air Force One, as well as recordings from the police and reporters. 
19:00Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets. Philip Grossman examines the causes and outcomes of the events at the Chernobyl site. Was it an accident or one of the biggest sabotages in history? S1, Ep1 
20:00Mission Declassified Escape From Alcatraz. Christof searches two continents to track down three men who escaped from Alcatraz in 1962. They were supposed to have drowned, but is that the truth? S1, Ep1 
21:00New: Mission Declassified Decoding America's UFO Secrets. Christof heads to the UK and Canada in search of the truth behind UFO sightings. He uncovers a bigger story behind secrets the government is hiding. S1, Ep6 
22:00New: America Unearthed Alien Artifacts. Scott Wolter bushwhacks his way through the jungles of Veracruz, Mexico, to examine ancient artefacts that could change what we know about our place in the universe. S4, Ep2 
23:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Native Americans And Star People. Native American myths and UFOs have been linked for thousands of years. Evidence and modern-day sightings cause experts to revisit these legends. S2, Ep7 
00:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Blue Room Bonanza. Chris makes an incredible discovery that sets the team up on the best gold all season. As winter starts to close in, Dave gets a hot tip that takes him north. S2, Ep7 
01:00Undercover Billionaire Exposed. The Underdog BBQ team are up against a tight deadline as they prepare for their opening day, and Glenn may have let the cat out of the bag after a wrongly worded email. S1, Ep6 
02:00Undercover Billionaire Trial By Fair. Glenn invests every penny he has into Underdog BBQ's big debut and first real chance to make money. However, a problem with stock causes major issues. S1, Ep7 
03:00Undercover Billionaire Final Reckoning. Glenn is at the end of his 90 days and it is time to find out if he has created a business worth a million dollars. But first, Glenn must reveal his true identity. S1, Ep8 
03:50Legend of Deep Blue Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington return to Guadalupe Island to search for the largest great white in the world, Deep Blue. Can they unravel the mystery? 
04:40Isle Of Jaws: Blood Brothers A team of shark explorers ventures to the Isle of Jaws off the West Australian coast to find out if two great white sharks recognise, and prefer the company of, a blood relative. 
05:30How It's Made How do they make canvas wall tents, peace pipes and cannons? Find out as more everyday items are put under the microscope. S19, Ep3 
06:00NASA's Unexplained Files JFK UFO Conspiracy. A potentially disastrous fuel leak forces three astronauts to make a risky return to earth. And a NASA lunar probe reveals a mysterious crashed craft on the moon. S3, Ep9