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Listings for BBC 2 on Tuesday, February 28 2017

06:00The World's Most Photographed:... ...Adolf Hitler. 4/10. Series looking at the public image of ten world icons. This edition looks at how Adolf Hitler used photography to reinforce his public image and manipulate the media. [S] 
06:30Heir Hunters 1/20. Series following the work of probate researchers. A man travels 9,000 miles to see his half-sister for the first time. Plus details of two unclaimed estates. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
07:15The Farmers' Country Showdown 11/15. Alpacas: Farming series. Alpaca breeders Barbara and Paul from Cumbria and Jean and Stewart from Scotland show off their animals at the Westmorland County Show. Also in HD. [S] 
08:00World's Most Extraordinary Homes 4/4. Underground: Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin explore extraordinary underground homes. In the Swiss Alps, a four-bedroom house is so invisible it has to be accessed via a tunnel. [AD,S,SL] 
09:00Victoria Derbyshire The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. Also in HD. [S] 
11:00BBC Newsroom Live Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens. Also in HD. [S] 
12:00Daily Politics Jo Coburn with the latest political news, interviews and debate. Also in HD. [S] 
13:00The Super League Show Highlights and analysis from Super League. Warrington v Castleford, Wigan v Widnes, Leigh v St Helens, Leeds v Salford, Huddersfield v Wakefield and Hull FC v Catalans. [S] 
13:50Countryfile Julia Bradbury is at Burnham Beeches on the hunt for giant wood ants with an unusual defence mechanism which lead to the discovery of formic acid. Also in HD. [S] 
14:00Building Dream Homes 1/15. Chris Loyn gets to grips with an upside-down, future-proof house near Cardiff. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
14:30Britain's Lost Routes with... ...Griff Rhys Jones. 2/4. Thames Barge: Griff Rhys Jones joins the crew of a Thames sailing barge. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
15:25Africa 4/6. Cape: David Attenborough journeys to the south of Africa, an area dramatically shaped by two great ocean currents which sweep around the continent's cape to the east and west. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
16:25A Place to Call Home All Good Things Australian melodrama. Sarah is warned by Carolyn that Regina has escaped her intended incarceration in an asylum and to be on guard, but Sarah believes she is gone. Also in HD. [S] 
17:15Bargain Hunt Swinderby Antiques challenge. Swinderby Antiques Fair plays host to Tim Wonnacott and the bargain hunters. The teams are guided by experts Caroline Hawley and David Harper. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
18:00Eggheads Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. Also in HD. [S] 
18:30Great Continental Railway Journeys Athens to Thessaloniki - Part 1: Armed with his 1913 Continental Railway Guide, Michael Portillo embarks on a Greek odyssey from Athens's port of Piraeus to the city of Thessaloniki. Also in HD. [S] 
19:00Antiques Road Trip Antiques aficionados Anita Manning and Raj Bisram are heading for their next two auctions. They are level pegging so it is all to play for. Also in HD. [S] 
20:00Further Back in Time for Dinner 6/6. The Robshaws and Debbie reflect on their time travels. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
21:001066: A Year to Conquer England 1/3. Drama documentary series. Dan Snow explores the political intrigues and family betrayals between Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans that led to war and the Battle of Hastings. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
22:00Inside No 9 The Riddle of The Sphinx Dark comedy. Nina thinks Professor Squires has all the answers but neither know what the future holds. With deadly intent, they commence a battle of wits. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
22:30Newsnight In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis. Also in HD. [S] Followed by weather. 
23:15Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week GIGN - France: The remaining recruits face two former members of the GIGN, an elite tactical unit of the French police, who will test their abilities to operate under pressure. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
00:15Our Dancing Town 4/5. Grand Finale Part 1: Having pulled off performances in Barnsley, Skipton and Huddersfield, involving hundreds of amateurs, Steve wants to bring the towns together in one last dance. [AD,S,SL] 
01:15The Big Painting Challenge 1/6. Still Life: Amateur painting competition. The ten artists face two still life challenges before the judges decide who should leave the competition. [AD,S,SL] 
02:15This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S] 
06:00The World's Most Photographed:... ...Marilyn Monroe. 5/10. Series analysing the public image of ten world icons. This programme explores the ways in which Marilyn Monroe used photography to gain a sense of control over her life. [S]