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Listings for BBC 2 on Saturday, June 23 2018

01:55This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S] 
06:15David Attenborough's Natural... ...Curiosities. Magical Appearances: The mystery of where some animals disappear to each year puzzled early naturalists. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
06:40Naomi's Nightmares of Nature CBBC. 5/10. New York: Naomi Wilkinson continues her global search for nightmares of the natural world. This time she heads to the largest city in the US - New York. Also in HD. [S] 
07:10The Pets Factor CBBC. 10/10. Winnie, Romeo and the Pooch Party: Vet James gets a visit from Winnie, an assistance dog with a very swollen paw. Also in HD. [S] 
07:30The Dengineers CBBC. 10/15. Witchcraft and Wizardry Den: Joe and Lauren design dens for children. Nine-year-old Kiran wants somewhere he can let his love of witchcraft and wizardry come to life. Also in HD. [S] 
08:00Absolute Genius Super Tech with... ...Dick & Dom. CBBC. Dick and Dom's Tech: Dick and Dom travel through time to look at five of their favourite technological innovations that have changed the way we live at home. Also in HD. [S] 
08:30Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve... ...Backshall. CBBC. Land of Giants: Steve Backshall focuses on the biggest dinosaurs to have walked the earth. In his dino den, he starts by meeting the Argentinosaurus. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
09:00Natural Born Winners 3/4. Celebrity endurance challenge. Donovan Bailey, Gareth Thomas, Iwan Thomas and James Toseland are in India to discover Kalaripayattu, said to be the root of all martial arts. Also in HD. [S] 
10:00Earth: One Amazing Day An astonishing journey revealing the awesome power of the natural world, narrated by Robert Redford. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
11:30Homes Under the Hammer Property redevelopment series. Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit two run-down flats in Vauxhall, London, and a mid-terrace property in Birches Head, Stoke. Also in HD. [S] 
12:00Second Chance Summer: Tuscany 4/6. The challenge of the olive harvest splits the camp. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
13:00Tennis: Queen's Sue Barker hosts live coverage from Queen's Club, London, where the cream of men's tennis are competing for a place in the final of the Championships. Also in HD. [S] 
17:00Choose the Right Puppy for You 2/2. Families journey to find a suitable dog. Kate Humble and Louise Glazebrook help a couple who might be biting off more than they can chew with a giant breed of dog. Also in HD. [S] 
18:00Coastal Path Five-part series in which explorer Paul Rose walks along the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, discovering wildlife, wild traditions and wild adventure along the way. Also in HD. [S] 
18:30Great Exhibition of the North BBC Radio 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny presents a special documentary celebrating the Great Exhibition of the North. Also in HD. [S] 
19:00The River Wye with Will Millard 3/3. Documentary. Writer and angler Will Millard embarks on the final leg of his journey down the River Wye, from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow, where the river joins the Severn estuary. Also in HD. [S] 
19:30Dad's Army 3/6. Is There Honey Still for Tea?: Classic wartime sitcom. Private Godfrey's humble abode, Cherry Tree Cottage, is threatened with demolition to make way for a new aerodrome. [S] 
20:00The Super Squirrels Documentary. The squirrel family is one of the most widespread on earth, so what is the secret to their success? We uncover the extraordinary abilities of these cheeky characters. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
21:00Rugby League: New Zealand v... ...England. Live coverage of England's clash with New Zealand in Colorado, USA - the first of three matches in the United States over the next three years. Also in HD. [S] 
23:30Little Voice Film Comedy starring Jane Horrocks as a shy girl who rarely ventures outside her bedroom but has an uncanny talent for imitating famous singers. Contains strong language. Also in HD. [1998] [AD,S] 
01:00Walesa: Man of Hope Film Biopic of the Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa. Subtitled. Contains some strong language. Also in HD. [2014] [S] 
02:55This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]