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Listings for BBC HD on Monday, February 24 2020

04:10This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. [HD] 
06:30Wanted Down Under Revisited 8/10. Having fragile X syndrome meant life was tough for Albie. Mum Jayne thought the warm lifestyle of Australia would be good for him, but dad Eugene wasn't convinced. [S] [HD] 
07:15Bargain Hunt Join Charlie Ross at the Anglesey Showground. The reds and blues do battle with the help of experts Roo Irvine and Richard Madley. Can they make a profit at auction? [S] [HD] 
08:00Best Home Cook 2/8. The nine home cooks whip up their ultimate meringue desserts, then rustle up some amazing vegetable dishes. The weakest cooks then face Angela's dreaded eliminator recipe. [S,SL] [HD] 
09:00BBC News at 9 The latest headlines, breaking news and sport from the BBC newsroom. [S] [HD] 
10:00Victoria Derbyshire With original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and the latest breaking news, Victoria Derbyshire presents the BBC's morning news and current affairs programme. [S] [HD] 
11:00BBC Newsroom Live Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens. [S] [HD] 
12:15Politics Live Jo Coburn and guests discuss the big political issues of the day. [S] [HD] 
13:00Rugby Union: Women's Six... ...Nations Highlights. All of the action from England vs Ireland, Wales vs France and Italy vs Scotland. [S] [HD] 
13:30Chase the Case 16/20. Strategy game show hosted by Dan Walker. Five players compete to win the case containing the most cash. [S] [HD] 
14:15Best House in Town 1/20. Homeowners open their door to five neighbours in the hope of being judged to have the best house in town. Three properties in York compete to be chosen for the Friday final. [S] [HD] 
15:00Red Rock 11/37. Soap opera based around a busy Dublin Garda station. Sharon and Rory are torn apart by the consequences of her claim. Patricia is pestered about her business status. [S] [HD] 
15:45The Great British Winter 1/5. Explores Britain's most extreme winter landscapes. Ellie Harrison looks at British mountains as she reveals the surprises this terrain holds, from avalanches to reindeer. [S] [HD] 
16:45Big Blue UK 1/5. Marine wildlife programme. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the team find out where to meet the UK's dolphins and whales. [S] [HD] 
17:15Flog It! 31/40. In Blackburn, Anita Manning values a gold charm bracelet. [S] [HD] 
18:00Richard Osman's House of Games 86/100. Samira Ahmed, Dom Joly, Angela Rippon and John Robins test their general knowledge skills on this week's House of Games. [S] [HD] 
18:30Great British Railway Journeys 1/15. Armed with his Bradshaw's Guide, Michael Portillo embarks on a new journey through Britain's industrial heartland. Starting at Warrington, Michael then heads to Huyton and Preston. [S] [HD] 
19:00Coastal Path Five-part series in which explorer Paul Rose walks along the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, discovering wildlife, wild traditions and wild adventure along the way. [S] [HD] 
19:30Mastermind 22/30. John Humphrys hosts the classic quiz. In tonight's programme, the specialist subjects are The Undertones, Dad's Army, Genghis Khan and Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes films. [S] [HD] 
20:00Only Connect 23/28. Victoria Coren Mitchell hosts another quarter-final as two teams compete to draw together the connections between things which, at first glance, seem utterly random. [S] [HD] 
20:30University Challenge 29/37. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions in another quarter-final match of the quiz for students. [S] [HD] 
21:00Murder 24/7 1/5. Following the critical first two days of the investigation into the murder of 36-year-old Courtney Valentine-Brown, who was found stabbed in a flat in Southend-on-Sea. [S] [HD] 
22:00Inside No. 9 4/6. Dark comedy. World-famous magician Neville Griffin is extremely protective of his secrets - he believes that stealing a magic trick is worse than murder. How would he know that, exactly? [S] [HD] 
22:30Newsnight The day's important national and international news stories with Emily Maitlis. [S] [HD] 
23:10Weather Weather bulletin. [S] [HD] 
23:15Hospital 2/8. A 15-strong team try to save the life of a young man who has been stabbed in the chest. [S] [HD] 
00:15The Farmers' Country Showdown 7/20. Two inner-city London charities head to the 46th Lambeth Country Show. [S,SL] [HD] 
01:00Countryfile Sean is in Essex meeting a farmer who has taken diversification to the next level by letting the sea inundate acres of his farmland to create a vital saltmarsh habitat for migratory birds. [S,SL] [HD] 
01:55Secrets of the Museum 2/6. Behind the scenes at the Victoria and Albert Museum, priceless Raphael paintings give up their secrets. Keeper James gets hands-on with Beyonce's ring and Queen Victoria's coronet. [S,SL] [HD] 
02:55This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. [HD]