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Listings for Tcm on Wednesday, August 27 2014

05:00By the Light of the Silvery Moon Film Doris Day stars in this delightful post-war musical of a small-town girl's troubles in love when her longtime sweetheart, Gordon MacRae, returns home from service. (1953) 
06:50Gunsmoke Series 12, Ep 9, The Well There's a drought in Dodge and Matt must keep bandits from gaining control of the only working well in town. 
07:55Gunsmoke Series 12, Ep 10, Stage Stop A wife beating station master has an illegal dealing with a gang of robbers. Doc Adams tries to protect his pregnant wife. 
08:55The Mackintosh Man Film A British agent assumes a fictitious criminal identity as a jewel thief in order to infiltrate a Communist spy organization. Contains flashing images (1973) 
10:50The Wrong Man Film Classic Hitchcock thriller starring Henry Fonda as a man struggling to clear his name after being wrongfully accused of robbing an insurance office. Contains flashing images (1956) 
12:50Gunsmoke Series 12, Ep 11, The Newcomers A Swedish immigrant and his father settle in Dodge. Soon they realise just how unwelcoming the locals are. 
13:55Gunsmoke Series 12, Ep 12, Quaker Girl When a dying deputy asks Thad to capture a killer, he ends up in a Quaker town, in which the people cannot tell which one is the wanted man. 
15:00Fort Dobbs Film Trouble develops when a woman suspects that the man who rescued her and her son from an attack is also responsible for the recent murder of her husband. (1958) 
16:45Tarzan and the Lost Safari Film Exciting adventure when Tarzan tries to lead the passengers of a crashed plane, vulnerable to the jungle's danger, to safety. Stars Gordon Scott. D: Bruce Humberstone (1957) 
18:15Tarzan and the Huntress Film After a shortage of zoo animals post World War II, Tarzan must fight a seductive female animal trainer from taking too many animals (1947) 
19:40Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Film Tarzan fights to keep a killer African cult devoted to the leopard from attacking traders (1946) 
21:00Band of Brothers Episode 5, Crossroads E-Company are short on supplies and one of the troop is haunted by the memory of a teenage soldier he killed. Contains flashing images 
22:10Band of Brothers Episode 6, Bastogne In the dead of winter E-Company struggle to survive with little food, ammunition, winter clothing and medical supplies. Contains flashing images 
23:35Heartbreak Ridge Film Clint Eastwood produces, directs and stars as a Marine Corps sergeant coming up for retirement, transfers to his old unit and takes charge of an undisciplined platoon. (1986) 
02:00Take a Hard Ride Film A reformed criminal promises his boss that he will deliver his money to Mexico. Firstly he must form an uneasy alliance to complete his mission... Contains flashing images (1975) 
03:40Off Set Actor Michael Douglas talks frankly about Hollywood, his award-laden career, and relationships with his father and his wife. 
04:35Off Set Academy Award winning actor Michael Caine, the star of landmark gangster film 'Get Carter' gives a candid interview about his career. 
05:00Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Film Tarzan fights to keep a killer African cult devoted to the leopard from attacking traders (1946)