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Listings for Tcm on Sunday, April 5 2015

06:00Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Global warming real or not? The loaded issue makes some people rich and can control our lives, from cars we drive to the food we eat! Jesse starts with Al Gore... S1EP3 
06:50Night Raiders Film Cowboy Whip Wilson stars in this western with night raiders ransacking cabins without stealing anything, a corrupt sheriff, a framed man and a daring train robbery. (1952) 
07:50What's Up, Doc? Film Riotous screwball comedy as Ryan O'Neal tries to cope with the havoc brought on by the highly unpredictable Barbra Streisand. D: Peter Bogdanovich (1972) 
09:35High Society Film Fabulous tunes - and a legendary trio of leads. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly star in this sparkling Cole Porter musical, a remake of 'The Philadelphia Story'. 
11:35Superman: The Movie Film Christopher Reeve is the comic book superhero battling to protect Earth from the nefarious criminal Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman). D: Richard Donner (1978) Contains flashing images. 
14:20Rio Lobo Film Howard Hawks' ultimate western starring John Wayne as a man in the heart of the civil war searching for the traitor that caused his friend's death. (1970) 
16:30Rio Bravo Film Western starring John Wayne as the sheriff who leads a gang of misfits trying to keep a notorious villain in jail until the US Marshall can take him to town. D: Howard Hawks (1959) 
19:15The Train Robbers Film A bandit's widow enlists a famed gunman to return the gold her husband had stolen. With John Wayne, Bobby Vinton, Ann-Margret and Ricardo Montalban. D: Burt Kennedy (1973) 
21:00Hell on Wheels Further West The season finale. Cullen leaves the railroad to search for his wife and child, only to make a shocking discovery. S4EP13 
22:00Dirty Harry Film Clint Eastwood stars in this story about a maverick cop's obsessive attempts to bring a cold-blooded serial killer to justice before he kills again. D: Don Siegel (1971) 
23:55Magnum Force Film 'Dirty' Harry Callaghan is assigned to look into a series of murders of the city's unpunished criminals. Stars Clint Eastwood and Hal Holbrook. (1973) Contains flashing images 
02:10Dirty Harry Film Clint Eastwood stars in this story about a maverick cop's obsessive attempts to bring a cold-blooded serial killer to justice before he kills again. D: Don Siegel (1971) 
03:50Conan Hit US late night chat show, hosted by the spontaneous comedian Conan O'Brien who combines the lewd and wacky with top celebrity interviews. 
04:35Container Wars Fishy Business Each container is a mystery! Jason's got the inside track on a container that could have him coasting to paradise, but will some rotten contents spoil his score? S2EP5 
05:00Container Wars Blow a Casket Each container is a mystery! Uzi, Schlomi and John dig up a container from beyond the grave but could it be cursed? S2EP13 
05:25Container Wars Blowing Smoke Each container is a mystery! A shady container lands on the auction block and Mo and Ty are ready to go all in. Will their high hopes go up in smoke? S2EP14 
05:50Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Big Brother is watching! Investigating government surveillance, and a nationwide program that turns local businessmen and office workers into spies for the FBI. S1EP4