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Listings for Tcm on Tuesday, August 2 2016

06:00Kung Fu Superstition Caine is forced to work in a mine over a Native American burial ground causing fear to spread. S1EP12 
07:05Bridge To The Sun Film Powerful true story of a US woman whose life changed dramatically when she married a Japanese diplomat just before Pearl Harbour. D: Etienne Perier (1960) 
09:15Return Of The Gunfighter Film Robert Taylor stars as Ben Wyatt, an ageing gunman who vows to help a young Mexican girl avenge the death of her murdered father and reclaim their land. (1967) 
11:15The First Texan Film Joel McCrea stars in this fine western as a slick lawyer fleeing to Texas to escape a scandal only to be ordered to lead the fight for Texan independence. D: Byron Haskin (1956) 
12:50Kung Fu The Stone Caine runs into a Brazilian who knows a style of fighting that Caine has never seen before. S1EP13 
13:55Kung Fu Third Man Caine befriends a gambler who is robbed by two thieves and killed by an unknown third man. S1EP14 
15:00The Oklahoman Film A doctor stops in a small midwestern town to bury his wife. He decides to stay there and start a practice, but soon runs into violent cattle ranchers. D: Francis D. Lyon (1957) 
16:35The Rounders Film Enjoyable comic Western, with Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda highly watchable as two ageing bronco-busters dreaming of the big time through a rodeo betting scam. D: Burt Kennedy (1965) 
18:15The Man From Monterey Film Set in 1848 California with John Wayne as a cavalry officer saving a family's ranch. The last of six films Wayne made at Warner Bros in the 30s. (1933) 
19:20Tank Force Film An American sergeant and his British crew are captured by the Nazis in Northern Africa. Stars Victor Mature. D: Terence Young (1958) 
21:00Final Destination Film The first in the incredibly successful horror franchise with teens cheating death and Death looking for them... With Sean William Scott, Ali Larter, Tony Todd. D: James Wong (2000) 
23:00Matchstick Men Film Comedy with a neurotic con man Roy (Nicolas Cage) and his partner (Sam Rockwell) about to pull off a big job when Roy's daughter (Alison Lohman) turns up. D: Ridley Scott (2003) 
01:15Enter the Dragon Film Action and adventure in one of the most famous Kung-Fu films of all time. The film that made Bruce Lee an international star. D: Robert Clouse (1973) 
03:10Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Investigating the mysterious Animal Research Centre, once a bio-warfare lab run by former Nazi scientists. Are they spreading diseases and viruses like swine flu? S2EP1 
04:05Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Has the government been faking UFO sightings and alien abductions in order to cover up much darker secrets at the mysterious and infamous Nevada Desert base? S2EP2 
05:00Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Richard Donner talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as The Omen, Superman, Lethal Weapon and The Goonies. EP2 
05:35Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Rob Reiner talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as This Is Spinal Tap, Stand by Me and Misery. EP12