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Listings for Sky Two on Tuesday, June 25 2019

06:00House Hunters International Looking for Room to Be Wild in the Australian Bush A young family leave the snowy backdrop of Canada for a life in the bushland of Australia's sunshine coast. (S73, ep 13) 
06:30House Hunters International Searching For A Dog Friendly Home In Aberdeen, Scotland A Texas couple looks for a dog friendly home in Aberdeen, Scotland. (S74, ep 1) 
07:00House Hunters International Puerto Plata Da Vida Glenn and Lisa plan for a retirement in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, but have a difference of opinion when it comes to the budget. (S74, ep 2) 
07:30House Hunters International Dare to Repair in Terrasson, France Retired law professionals Bill and Mary Ann look to find a holiday home in the French countryside, but will they risk a renovation project? (S74, ep 3) 
08:0060 Minute Makeover Blackpool, Lancashire Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S7, ep 90) 
09:0060 Minute Makeover Little Lever Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S7, ep 91) 
10:00My Kitchen Rules Australia Group 2 continues with Della and Tully from Queensland, who look to serve up smoked duck in their instant restaurant, Pepper Tree. (S8, ep 12) 
11:15My Kitchen Rules Australia The final Instant Restaurant of Group 2 sees Alyse and Matt from Queensland look to win their guests over with a Chinese-inspired menu. (S8, ep 13) 
12:30Monkey Business Join Dr Alison Cronin's team at the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset as they rehabilitate abused primates and support overseas projects to protect endangered primates. (S5, ep 4) 
13:00The Dog Whisperer Isis & Tina, Nugget And The Katrina Dogs Cesar Milan embarks on a special mission to help the canine victims of Hurricane Katrina. (S2, ep 5) 
14:00Haven The Old Switcheroo - Part One: When Vince and Dave travel to North Carolina, their probing of Dave's past uncovers a body-swapping problem back in Haven. (S5, ep 5) 
15:00Relic Hunter Fertile Ground Sydney begins a daring mission to bring the Idol of Lono back to Hawaii, but an old flame and rival relic hunter keeps getting in the way. (S2, ep 5) 
16:00A Town Called Eureka From Fear To Eternity While Eva prepares to seal off the mysterious military complex, Zoe's life is endangered when her body starts to age rapidly. (S3, ep 8) 
17:00A Town Called Eureka Welcome Back, Carter The quirky drama returns. A reluctant Carter prepares to leave Eureka, making the way for Sheriff Andy, a humanoid simulation. Flashing images. (S3, ep 9) 
18:00Stargate SG-1 The Shroud When Jackson turns up as a prior asking SG-1 to aid him, it could be a trap. It's up to Jack O'Neill to save his life and end the war with the Ori once and for all. (S10, ep 14) 
19:00Stargate SG-1 Bounty The SG-1 team becomes the target of a ruthless band of bounty hunters after Netan offers a hefty reward for their heads. (S10, ep 15) 
20:00Duck Quacks Don't Echo Lee Mack is joined by Rhod Gilbert, Ruth Jones and Richard Madeley to test-run random bits of trivia and some of the world's most startling facts. (S5, ep 2) 
21:00Blue Bloods New & Exclusive. My Brother's Keeper: There's a tense Reagan face-off when Danny goes against Jamie's direct order during a hostage negotiation. (S9, ep 14) 
22:00The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. The team are called to a disturbance at a hostel. Plus, a dispute spirals out of control. (S2, ep 6) New. 
23:00Send In The Dogs UK Documentary following the work of Britain's police dogs in real operations, sniffing out everything from drugs and weapons to counterfeit money. Ken Stott narrates. (S1, ep 2) 
00:00Warrior New & Exclusive. The Itchy Onion: A martial arts prodigy winds up as a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in San Fran's Chinatown. Action based on a story by Bruce Lee. (S1, ep 1) 
01:15Road Wars Another high-drama instalment of the action-packed documentary series. Tonight, officers tackle dodgy drug-dealers, dangerous drivers and knife crime. Strong language. (S6, ep 4) 
02:10The Flash All Doll'd Up Iris is devastated when Nora lets something slip about the future. Barry tries to distract her with a mission to stop dangerous meta Rag Doll. (S5, ep 5) 
03:00The Flash New & Exclusive. The Icicle Cometh: Barry and Cisco make a shock discovery about Caitlin's father. Meanwhile, Iris and Sherloque chase up a clue about Cicada. (S5, ep 6) 
04:00The Flash New & Exclusive. O Come, All Ye Thankful: Barry and the team race to stop Weather Witch from killing her father. Meanwhile, Nora struggles to deal with dad Barry's future fate. (S5, ep 7) 
05:00The Flash New & Exclusive. What's Past is Prologue: It's the 100th episode of the show and Team Flash hatch a plan to stop Cicada. But Barry's reluctant to take Nora back in time. (S5, ep 8) 
06:00House Hunters International Pier Pressure in Freeport Sean and Daniella look to avoid the freezing winters of Canada with a move to Freeport, Bahamas. But will they opt for a home by the beach or canal? (S74, ep 4)