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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, October 27 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Basics - Part 2: The crew tries to survive on the desolate planet, where they were abandoned by the Kazon. The few crew members left onboard Voyager must retake the ship. (S3 Ep1) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Flashback Tuvok begins having disturbing flashbacks that link to his time spent on Excelsior. Captain Janeway aims to help him by taking part in a mind-meld. (S3 Ep2) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Monster Island Film In this boisterous creature feature, a specialist versed in monster lore is humanity's only hope against a veritable onslaught of fearsome predators. With Eric Roberts. (2019) 
13:00Tom's Midnight Garden Film A boy staying with his uncle finds a strange garden that only appears at night. (1999) 
15:00Highlander III The Final Dimension Film In this fantasy sequel, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) travels to Japan - and soon finds himself facing off against a deadly new foe. Also starring Mario Van Peebles. (1994) 
17:0013 Going on 30 Film Upset at her birthday, a teenage girl longs to be a grown-up - but doesn't expect her wish to be granted. Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer, Andy Serkis star. (2004) 
19:00The Librarian: Return to King... Film ...Solomon's Mines: Flynn Carsen, the librarian-turned-adventurer in charge of a collection of legendary artefacts, embarks on a mission to locate King Solomon's Mines. (2006) 
21:00The Island Film An inhabitant of a highly structured, utopian community discovers that everything isn't as it seems. Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson and Djimon Hounsou star. (2005) 
23:50The Colony Film Humanity is driven into bunkers by climate change. The leaders of one such redoubt, investigating a neighbour's distress signal, find a new threat. Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton star. (2013) 
02:00Universal Soldier III:... Film ...Unfinished Business: Luc Devereaux and Veronica Roberts' attempts to expose the Universal Soldiers are jeopardised when she must go on the run. (1999) 
04:00Merlin and the War of the Dragons Film Before the legendary King Arthur, a young Merlin must decide the fate of the land when it is ravaged by the arrival of fire-breathing dragons. (2008) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager The Chute Harry Kim and Tom Paris are accused of an act of terrorism. They are imprisoned on a satellite, and must do whatever they can to escape. (S3 Ep3)