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Listings for Scifi on Wednesday, June 26 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Live Fast and Prosper A pair of con artists attempt to trade with a mining colony by impersonating Tuvok and Captain Janeway. (S6, Ep21) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Muse Kim goes missing in an escape pod, and Torres becomes stranded on a pre-warp planet where a playwright is recreating the Voyager's story. (S6, Ep22) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Siren Entrapment Living in a tank proves difficult for the mermaids, and tensions are rising, forcing Ryn to make a difficult bargain. (S2 Ep7) 
12:00Atlantis Touched by the Gods - Part 2: Ariadne is sentenced to death, and Jason and his friends represent her last hope. Can they turn the tables on the scheming Pasiphae and save the day? (S1 Ep13) 
13:00Age of the Dragons Film An embittered hunter aims to settle an old score with a deadly enemy - a fire-breathing dragon - in this fantasy adventure inspired by Moby-Dick. With Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones. (2011) 
15:00Siren Leverage Mermaids and humans unite against the oil company. Ben, Maddie and Ryn unite for a romantic farewell. (S2 Ep8) 
16:00Star Trek: Voyager One Small Step The ship narrowly escapes a direct hit from a large unknown mass. Upon investigation, the crew believe there is debris from an ancient ship inside. (S6, Ep8) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager The Voyager Conspiracy As a Borg, Seven of Nine has been able to analyse the ship's data. She believes that their presence in the Delta Quadrant is not an accident. (S6, Ep9) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Encounter At Farpoint - Part 2: Can Picard's Starship Enterprise crew succeed in solving the mystery at Farpoint? Failure in under 24 hours will result in their deaths. (S1 Ep2) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Naked Now After peculiar happenings take place on the Starship Tsiolkovsky, the Enterprise crew discovers food, wine and clothing, but no one left alive. (S1 Ep3) 
20:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Code Of Honor Lieutenant Tasha Yar must save both herself and a Federation planet which requires a life-saving vaccine after she is abducted by the Ligonian aliens. (S1 Ep4) 
21:00Street Kings Film An LAPD detective finds his situation getting increasingly out of control after an argument with his former partner. Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie star. (2008) 
23:10The Fountain Film An epic in which one couple's romance repeats itself across time and space, juxtaposed with quests for immortality and freedom. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz star. (2006) 
01:10Star Trek: The Next Generation The Quality of Life Data makes the intriguing discovery that the robots created for maintenance work by Dr Farallon may have become sentient beings. (S6 Ep9) 
02:10Star Trek: The Next Generation Chain Of Command - Part 1: When Picard is replaced as Captain by Jellico, he goes on a secret mission with Worf and Dr Crusher. Meanwhile, Jellico faces opposition. (S6 Ep10) 
03:10Star Trek: The Next Generation Chain Of Command - Part 2: The Cardassians capture and interrogate Picard, treating him as a spy but denying him status as a Prisoner of War. Jellico contends with Riker. (S6 Ep11) 
04:10Tomb Invader Film Students follow a trail of clues to an ancient jungle tomb, where artefacts may help solve the mystery of a missing relative. (2018) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Fury After receiving a distress call, the crew make contact with a small ship and are shocked to see a disturbed crew member who left three years earlier. (S6, Ep23)