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Listings for Scifi on Thursday, November 21 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager One A nebula omits deadly radiation, forcing the crew to go into stasis and causing the Doctor's projectors to malfunction. Seven of Nine is left alone. (S4 Ep25) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Hope and Fear A coded message from Starfleet could hold the key to sending the crew home. Neelix and Paris befriend Arturis, who has the skills to decode it. (S4 Ep26) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Primeval Episode 5: At a coastal village, Connor, Abby and Matt discover that a local farmer has been hiding a dangerous reptilian creature which has killed a tourist. (S4 Ep5) 
12:00Merlin The Changeling Arthur is pressured into an arranged marriage with a visiting princess. (S3 Ep6) 
13:00Merlin The Castle of Fyrien Gwen faces an agonising dilemma when she is forced to choose between saving the life either of Arthur or of her estranged brother. (S3 Ep7) 
14:00Mind Blown Film A group of psychics who thought they were using their powers for good discover they've instead been tricked into attacking US cities. With Luke Goss. (2016) 
16:00Primeval Episode 6: Jenny Lewis's wedding is disrupted by a pack of wolf-like creatures that have killed the wedding planner. Ethan sets a lethal boobytrap. (S4 Ep6) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager Q2 Captain Katharyn Janeway is introduced to her godson, Q Junior, when Q brings him aboard the Voyager to learn from the crew. (S7 Ep19) 
18:00Star Trek: Voyager Author, Author The characters in the Doctor's holo-novel bear a remarkable resemblance to the crew of Voyager - and they don't like what they read. (S7 Ep20) 
19:00Merlin The Eye of the Phoenix Arthur must journey alone to seek out an ancient magician and retrieve a golden trident to prove his right to the throne. (S3 Ep8) 
20:00Merlin Love in the Time of Dragons A healer is in Camelot, using magic to heal the sick, and Gaius quickly realises it is Alice, a woman from his past. (S3 Ep9) 
21:00The Faculty Film Students unite to prevent their high school and teachers from being taken over by parasitic aliens. With Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Salma Hayek and Bebe Neuwirth. (1997) 
23:10Guardian Film While investigating a new violence-inducing drug, an LAPD detective is pursued by a supernatural entity he encountered during the Gulf War. With Mario Van Peebles. (2001) 
01:10Killjoys O Mother, Where Art Thou? Dutch and John try to unravel Khlyen's memory clue while Jaq and D'av are fugitives. (S4 Ep7) 
02:00Killjoys It Takes a Pillage Dutch and Zeph attempt a risky experiment as a Jaqobis homecoming moves from being merely awkward to outright lethal. (S4 Ep8) 
03:00Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Old West Haunting/Freeway Flyer Ben, Lanisha and Devin saddle up and head to Tombstone, Arizona to tackle a mysterious piece of footage from the Bird Cage Theater. (S2 Ep11) 
04:00Atlantic Rim Film The US government's only option to protect the Eastern Seaboard from giant monsters is issuing three maverick soldiers with robot exoskeletons. (2013) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Night When Voyager travels through a region of dark space that contains high amounts of theta radiation, the ship loses power. (S5 Ep1)