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Listings for Scifi on Tuesday, September 17 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Tsunkatse The crew are granted leave on an alien planet, and Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped. Seven of Nine is forced to fight in a gladiator tournament. (S6, Ep15) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Collective While travelling in the Delta Flyer, Paris, Kim, Neelix and Chakotay are captured by a Borg cube, and a group of children take them hostage. (S6, Ep16) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Merlin A Servant of Two Masters When Merlin falls into Morgana's hands, she uses ancient magic to turn him into an assassin. Will Arthur notice his unusual behaviour? (S4 Ep6) 
12:00Son of the Dragon Part Two Epic retelling of The Thief of Bagdad, relocated to ancient China. DB finds himself caught between Princess Li Wei and her lady-in-waiting. (S1 Ep2) 
14:00Merlin The Secret Sharer Morgana joins forces with the enigmatic wizard Alator to uncover a great secret. (S4 Ep7) 
15:00Stargate: Atlantis The Game Sheppard and McKay play a strange new simulation game that could result in the destruction of two civilisations in the Pegasus Galaxy. (S3 Ep15) 
16:00Star Trek: Voyager Day of Honour B'Elanna decides to embrace her heritage by observing the Klingon Day Of Honor and participates in a series of ritual endurance tests. (S4 Ep3) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager Nemesis Chakotay is stranded on a planet in the middle of a war, and finds himself taking sides when he is befriended by one group and captured by the other. (S4 Ep4) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The First Duty When Wesley Crusher's team suffers an accident at Starfleet Academy, Picard helps investigate its cause, and believes a cover-up is taking place. (S5 Ep19) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Cost Of Living The Enterprise manages to destroy an asteroid that was putting a planet at risk, but then is itself in danger from the asteroid's parasites. (S5 Ep20) 
20:00Stargate: Atlantis The Ark The team discovers the last few survivors of a civilisation which has been kept in suspended animation on board a space station. (S3 Ep16) 
21:00Elysium Film In 2154 the rich and powerful live far above the Earth, in a luxurious, technologically advanced habitat called Elysium. Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star. (2013) 
23:10Anaconda 3: Offspring Film A tycoon's cancer research project involves experiments on powerful snakes. After a breach in security, the serpents escape and lethal chaos ensues. With David Hasselhoff. (2008) 
01:10Star Trek: The Next Generation New Ground When Worf's mother tells him that his son's Earth parents can no longer care for him, Worf tries to be a father to his child. (S5 Ep10) 
02:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Hero Worship When a Starfleet ship crashes inside a thick, black cloud, Data attempts to coax the traumatised young sole survivor into revealing what happened. (S5 Ep11) 
03:00Killjoys Don't Stop Beweaving The final season of the space bounty hunter drama moves into its exciting endgame. (S5 Ep8) 
04:00Meteor Apocalypse Film In the aftermath of a bombardment by fragments of a comet, a plague further afflicts those who survived the initial catastrophe. With Claudia Christian. (2010) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Spirit Folk The holographic village of Fair Haven has been running constantly on the holodeck. The villagers become self-aware, resulting in problems. (S6, Ep17)