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Listings for Paramount 2 on Sunday, May 31 2020

06:00Friends The One Where Joey Moves Out After having a fight with Chandler, Joey moves out. Monica's father finds out that his best friend (Tom Selleck) and Monica are dating. (S2, E16) 
06:25Friends The One With All The Wedding Dresses Monica has an aspirational phase of wearing Emily's wedding dress. Meanwhile, Chandler forces Joey to get treatment for his snoring at a sleep clinic. (S4, E20) 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
09:00Takeshi's Castle ft. Love Island Join Takeshi's Castle with host Roman Kemp and guest Love Island's Chris Hughes. Together they try and make sense of the craziest game show ever made! There will be lolz along the way! (S5, E08) 
09:30Takeshi's Castle ft. Love Island 100 contestants risk everything and try to storm Takeshi's Castle. Host Roman Kemp and guest Love Island's Montana Brown commentate on the madness. (S5, E09) 
10:00Takeshi's Castle ft. TOWIE Roman Kemp is joined by TOWIE's Georgia and Tommy as contestants brave trials including the hilarious Stepping Stones, and try to storm Takeshi's Castle! Have they got what it takes to win? (S5, E02) 
10:30Takeshi's Castle ft. Georgia (MIC) Have the contestants got what it takes to conquer the Flying Mushroom and survive Star Bowling then finally attack the castle? Roman Kemp and Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo present. (S5, E10) 
11:00Fresh Off The Boat This Is Us (Part 1): Eddie graduates from middle school and is looking forward to starting high school with his crew. But then Jessica sets her sights on a new private school for Evan... (S3, E22) 
11:30Fresh Off The Boat This Isn't Us (Part 2): Louis & Jessica make big changes to provide a better life for their family. Michael Bolton starts turning Cattleman's into a merchandising opportunity. Season finale. (S3, E23) 
12:00Impractical Jokers It's hats off for Murr, Sal, Q and Joe when they go to work as strange salesmen in a cap store. Tonight's big loser performs a stand-up comedy routine. (S10, E12) 
12:25Impractical Jokers The jokers are in Orlando for a supersized episode, upping their antics to a whole new state. Tonight's loser goes from spider hero to barnyard zero while performing for a huge audience. (S10, E13) 
13:20Impractical Jokers: Hawaii Special Sal, Murr, Joe and Q say "aloha" in a fun Hawaiian episode! The future looks hazy when the guys pose as fortune tellers and practice indecent proposals at a romantic waterfall. (S10, E14) 
14:10Impractical Jokers The guys put the nasty in "namaste" when they lead meditations that leave their victims with a lot to think about. Tonight's big loser gets boxed in with the very first 24-hour punishment. (S10, E15) 
14:35Impractical Jokers Q, Murr, Sal and Joe kill time in a waiting room by sharing some TMI texts with strangers, then try to sabotage each other as the wingmen from hell at a dating event. (S10, E17) 
15:00Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes One Joker only drinks coffee after 2 p.m., a Joker is self-conscious about singing, and how long Joe and Q waited inside while Murr and Sal hung out on a ski lift in the freezing cold. (S4, E22) 
15:30Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes Why the Jokers love filming at the grocery store, how many pencils were purchased for put-pocketing, and why Sal's pee punishment was twice as terrible as it looked. (S4, E23) 
16:00Bob's Burgers Hawk & Chick Bob and Louise are thrilled when they meet Hawk, the star of their favourite martial arts series, and are quick to offer help upon learning about his family troubles. (S5, E20) 
16:25Bob's Burgers The Oeder Games With the threat of a rent increase on Ocean Avenue, Bob and the other tenants rebel. They find out that they will have to compete in order to keep their rents reasonable. (S5, E21) 
16:55Bob's Burgers Sliding Bobs Linda explains how important Bob's moustache was in their meeting. The kids then tell their own versions of how Bob and Linda would have met, if Bob didn't have a moustache... (S6, E01) 
17:20Bob's Burgers The Land Ship During the Land Ship parade, which Bob thinks will increase business, four port-a-potties are placed in front of the restaurant. Tina decides to do some minor vandalizing. (S6, E02) 
17:50Bob's Burgers Gayle Makin' Bob Sled: The Belchers' Thanksgiving festivities are put in jeopardy when Bob finds himself staying with an injured Aunt Gayle during a snowstorm. (S6, E04) 
18:15Impractical Jokers Once again Sal, Q, Murr and Joe pit the worst punishments from the history of the series against each other to find out which one takes the title. 
18:45Impractical Jokers:Hits, Errors... ...& Balls. Join the guys as they count down the top nine greatest baseball moments in Impractical Jokers history! Find out who used to be an athlete and who is often stopped by stadium security. 
19:10Impractical Jokers: Fantasy Draft Joey Fatone joins forces with NBA star/IJ superfan Mo Bamba and teammate Terrance Ross. Seated together, the three guys have one goal: to assemble the ultimate professional Impractical Jokers team. 
19:40Impractical Jokers Summer Vacation It's fun in the sun, as Joe, Q, Murr, and Sal take part in their very best and worst vacation challenges and punishments. 
20:05Impractical Jokers: British... British Invasion The Jokers have landed in London! Watch them wreak havoc along the Thames, play pranks on unsuspecting customers in pubs and enjoy their first game of real football. 
21:00Friends The Last One After their reunion in the previous episode, Rachel tells Ross that it was 'the perfect way to say goodbye' - then he realises that he's still in love with her. (S10, E17) 
22:00Friends The One After Vegas Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. (S6, E01) 
22:30Friends The One With Unagi Chandler and Monica agree to give each other homemade presents for their six-month anniversary and Ross tries to teach martial arts to Rachel and Phoebe. (S6, E17) 
23:00Russell Howard & Mum:Globetrotters Russell & Ninette are in Kerala in India. They embrace the Southern states' traditions, including ancient performance art to tell the Star Wars story (S4, E05) 
00:00Your Face or Mine Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan host the gameshow that puts couples to the test. Anthony and Jestina will be forced to judge all kinds of faces for the chance to win thousands of pounds. (S1, E02) 
00:30Your Face or Mine Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan host the gameshow that puts couples to the test. Brian and Emma will be forced to judge all kinds of faces for the chance to win thousands of pounds. (S2, E12) 
01:00Michael McIntyre's Big Show Miranda Hart bravely gives Michael her phone in Celebrity Send to All, and there is music from Niall Horan and new comedy material from Michael himself. (S3, E05) 
02:00Katherine Ryan At The Comedy Store Katherine Ryan is the host tonight as she introduces Ivo Graham, Elis James and Marcel Lucont at London's legendary Comedy Store. (S4, E09) 
02:30Russell Kane At The Comedy Store Russell Kane is your host at the world famous Comedy Store in London and he is joined tonight by Nick Dixon, Tom Wrigglesworth, and Joel Dommett. (S4, E10) 
03:00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air It's a Wonderful Lie Lisa and Will both make up excuses as to why they cannot go on a date. When the pair end up at the same fraternity party, both of them have a lot of explaining to do. (S5, E14) 
03:20The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Bullets over Bel-Air Will and Carlton are at an ATM machine and somebody tries to rob Carlton for his money but Will takes the bullet for him. This event rocks the whole family to the core. (S5, E15) 
03:45The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air A Decent Proposal Still in the hospital after being shot, Will thinks about his future. He decides to ask Lisa to marry him. (S5, E16) 
04:05The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Is From Mars When Philip notices that Will and Lisa are having regular arguments, he decides to set them up on a course of pre-marital counselling. (S5, E17) 
04:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air To Thine Own Self Be Blue... and Gold: A lifelong friend of Philip's visits the family and tries to persuade Will to do something illegal for him. Carlton and Hilary both try online dating. (S5, E22) 
04:55The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cold Feet, Hot Body Will meets a new student at the university who seems determined to be Will's girlfriend despite the fact that he is engaged. (S5, E23) 
05:15The Middle Thanksgiving VI Due to their kitchen sink still being in disrepair, the Hecks decide to eat out for Thanksgiving. Brick invites his girlfriend Cindy and Sue tries to help Darren with Mike. (S6, E07) 
05:35The Middle The College Tour Mike attends Sue's college-tour weekend, forcing him to miss the first college football game that Axl gets to play in. Frankie leaves Brick with multiple babysitters. (S6, E08) 
06:00Friends The One With Joey's Fridge Ross tries to contain his paranoia when his student girlfriend goes on spring break with her wild friends. (S6, E19)