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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, April 4 2020

06:00Daria The whole school goes on a mandatory-voluntary harbour cruise to raise money via casino gambling. (S3, ep12) 
06:20Sleeping With The Family 21-year-old Alyx and 20-year-old Garret have a blossoming relationship. Alyx's mum Donna doesn't approve of the way Garret talks down to her daughter. Will Alyx have to choose between them? (S1, ep7) 
07:10Sleeping With The Family 20-year-old Dolly is the apple of her father's eye. Now though there's another man on his turf, her 26-year-old boyfriend Nick. Will Dolly ever get the two men in her life to see eye to eye? (S1, ep8) 
08:00Sleeping With The Family Taylor has been dating his girlfriend Jordan for over a year. Parents Jodie and David think this is a "toxic" relationship. Jodie believes that Jordan is dragging her son down. (S1, ep4) 
09:00Catfish: Craziest Ever Nev gets a letter from a woman worried that her friend is being catfished by a guy named BJ. BJ comforted Danielle when she was shot, but now she needs to know who she's been dating. (S8, ep7) 
10:00Catfish: Craziest Ever Laura joins Nev to help Angel find her online love, Antonio. He claims to live in Angel's small town, yet is never able to meet her! It's clear Antonio is keeping a major secret. (S7, ep40) 
11:00Catfish: Craziest Ever Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford help Mathan find Leah, a girl he's been talking to for a decade yet can never meet! But Leah has shocking secrets beyond their wildest imaginations. (S7, ep29) 
12:00Catfish: Craziest Ever Mandy is in love with a guy that gives her everything but the truth! Mandy's son has had enough and calls in Nev and Max. But following the clues only takes them deeper down the rabbit hole. (S7, ep8) 
13:00Catfish: Craziest Ever Caitlyn calls on Nev and Max to help separate the fact from fiction of her courtship with Kenton. Kenton insists she and her daughter move to Kentucky but is Kenton all he claims to be? (S6, ep20) 
14:00Just Tattoo Of Us Best mates Jack and Grant teach each other lessons with bold tattoos. Bristol beauties Beth and Merissa get emotional. Tasmin gives boyfriend Levi one of the biggest tattoos ever. (S5, ep7) 
15:00Just Tattoo Of Us Mum and daughter besties Clare and Chloe put motherly love to the test. Girlfriends Shai and Abbie put their future on the line. And Geordie Shore's Beau dishes up some brotherly banter. (S5, ep8) 
15:30Just Tattoo Of Us Love fills the air as Geordie Shore's Thalia and mum Vanessa get inked. All's not well for Liam and Amber. Will jokers Hollie and Chelsea see the funny side of their tattoos? (S5, ep10) 
16:00Just Tattoo Of Us Tattoo virgin Kieran trusts his best friend Dan. Jess and Paige reveal some hard truths. Squabbling siblings Tanya and Gemma try to mend their relationship, with tattoos. (S5, ep11) 
17:00Just Tattoo Of Us Lateysha Grace joins Charlotte to wrap up the series. Irish twins Simone and Olivia brew up some trouble. Will brothers-in-law Brandon and Ryan start a family feud? (S5, ep12) 
18:00MTV Cribs UK This cult show is your access all areas pass to nosey around the pads of the famous. This week featuring the homes of TOWIE fav's Yaz & Lockie, Jodie Harsh and Georgia Steel. (S1, ep4) 
18:30MTV Cribs UK This cult show is your access all areas pass to nosey around the pads of the famous. This week featuring Diversity's Perri Kiely and rock 'n' roll family The Lowes. (S1, ep7) 
19:00MTV Cribs UK This cult show is your access all areas pass to nosey around the pads of the famous. This week featuring the homes of reality king Joey Essex and chip loving Charlotte Dawson. (S1, ep1) 
19:30MTV Cribs UK This cult show is your access all areas pass to nosey around the pads of the famous. This week featuring the homes of Eyal Booker, Jess Wright and Chris Eubank Jnr. (S1, ep6) 
20:00Catfish: The TV Show DeJohn is so in love with online beauty Cashay that he's ready to propose, but his younger brother Adonis is convinced Cashay is a lie. Can Nev and Kamie find DeJohn's dream girl? (S8, ep8) 
21:00Catfish: The TV Show Aaliyah is saving herself for model Jaquan, a guy she's dating exclusively but has never met. As Nev and Kamie dig into his story, they become alarmed that Aaliyah's getting played! (S8, ep9) 
22:00Celebrity Ex On The Beach The most dramatic and emotional arrival to ever hit the beach causes heartache for Lorena, but will it be the end of JOLO? Michael confides in Ellie but will he move on from Victoria? (S1, ep9) 
23:00Celebrity Ex On The Beach Joeys insecurities get the better of him when Lorena wants to make sweet music with Patrick. David finally apologises to Lateysha and there's a shock double 'Ex' arrival down at the beach. (S1, ep10) 
00:00Celebrity Ex On The Beach The TOT makes Calum send one of his exes home, Georgia gets emotional with Ashley, Michael and Ellie become closer 'friends' and there's a surprise celebrity on the horizon. (S1, ep11) 
01:00Ex On The Beach: Exiest Moments We take a look back at the best bits from the first four series. Find out the real story behind the craziest beach arrivals, the biggest betrayal and the most mental moments from Ex on the Beach. 
02:00Catfish: The Times When Catfish... ... Broke The Internet. Check out the moments that went viral from the six seasons of Catfish. While the clips play, enjoy funny tweets and memes from fans. 
02:50Catfish: The TV Show Top Ten Holy S*** Catfish Moments. Nev and Max have seen a lot of mad stuff! They countdown their most memorable moments, as well as share with viewers a few exclusive sneak peeks. 
03:40Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo have their worst fall ever in Rock Autumn, and regress to their toddler stage in Terrible Twenties. (S14, ep17) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Jane starts dating a guy, to the annoyance of her misanthropic friend Daria. (S3, ep13)