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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, December 14 2019

06:00Daria Jane learns that when it comes to art, imitation is the most profitable form of flattery. (S5, ep7) 
06:2016 and Pregnant Jordan and her sister were models and best friends until Jordan's pregnancy put all that on hold. Now her boyfriend and her sister are competing to be her number one. (S3, ep1) 
07:1016 and Pregnant After abandoning sports and losing her friends, Jennifer has to battle with her over-protective parents to accept her boyfriend before she gives birth to twin boys. (S3, ep2) 
08:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Jade joins the cast of Teen Mom 2 but trust issues threaten an important anniversary with Sean. When Briana allows Devoin to take Nova for the weekend, he disappoints her in a big way. (S9, ep19) 
09:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Briana confronts Devoin in New York. Jade tries to smooth things over with Sean before moving into their new house. Leah and Kailyn vacation together in Costa Rica. (S9, ep20) 
10:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Leah faces another health scare with Addie. Jade and Sean reach boiling point, forcing her to move out. Briana is torn when she gets a suspicious DM about John. Adam surprises Aubree. (S9, ep21) 
11:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Leah's sister Victoria makes a shocking revelation, Jade finds out that Sean has been deceiving her, and Briana and John discuss their future while in the Dominican Republic. (S9, ep22) 
12:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset When Nova misses her dad, Briana puts her anger with DeVoin aside. Jade tries to distance herself from Sean. Leah's kids become suspicious of her possible romance with Jeremy. (S9, ep23) 
13:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Sean pleads with Jade to let him see Kloie. Jo throws a wrench into Kailyn's vacation plans while Leah considers what this Hawaii trip could mean for her and Jeremy. (S9, ep24) 
14:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Briana celebrates Stella's birthday, Jade grows frustrated with her mother, Leah's daughters have mixed feelings about Jeremy, and Chelsea gets a creative opportunity. (S9, ep25) 
15:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Jade's relationship with her mom deteriorates. Things for Briana and John crumble when she visits him. Ali gains independence at a camp for children with muscular dystrophy. (S9, ep26) 
16:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset When Jade's parents are arrested, she's forced to pick up the pieces. Devoin tries to prove to Briana that he can be around for Nova. Leah welcomes Ali home from camp. (S9, ep27) 
17:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Briana makes a major decision, leaving John sidelined. With her parents still in jail, Jade reaches to Sean for support. Chelsea's anxiety rises with the launch of her clothing design. (S9, ep28) 
18:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Luis reappears with a major ask for Briana. Sean's rent is late, forcing Jade to make a difficult choice. Kailyn gets upsetting news. Chelsea celebrates Aubree's 10th birthday. (S9, ep29) 
19:00Teen Mom 2: Season 9 Boxset Kailyn and her boys say goodbye to the family dog. Briana confronts John about their relationship. Chelsea gets a shocking request from Adam's mom. Leah is reminded of her past with Jeremy. (S9, ep30) 
20:00MTV Cribs UK: Top 10 Cribs MTV legend Sophie Kasaei counts down the Cribs UK Top 10 Cribs of 2019! We'll be peeking behind the doors of the UK's biggest stars including Joey Essex, Gemma Collins, Megan McKenna plus many more! 
21:00Just Tattoo Of Us Best pals Millie and Jordan take the ultimate trust test. Angel has a message to send to boyfriend Sonny, and bantering brothers Connor and Liam take things way too far. (S5, ep4) 
22:00New: Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out Nick Cannon, Toya, Tiny, and Monica battle it out in games: Twerk Work, Talking Spit, Boo'd Up and the Wildstyle battle. Shy Glizzy performs. (S13, ep15) 
22:30New: Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out Nick Cannon and T-Pain battle it out in games: Turn Up For What, Got Damned, R&Beef and the Wildstyle battle. Moneybagg Yo performs. (S13, ep16) 
23:00Ghosted: Love Gone Missing Rachel and Travis help Russell track down Destiney, an ex-girlfriend he ghosted after learning that she was pregnant. (S1, ep6) 
00:00New: Yo! Rates Snoochie Shy, Poet and special guests take you through the hottest new rap videos! 
01:00Geordie Shore Bethan and Abbie's row impacts on the house, and it all kicks off when Nat calls Bethan and Beau's relationship 'toxic'. The Geordie's get stuck into the Sangria and tear up the strip! (S20, ep5) 
02:00Geordie Shore The squad return from Portugal but Sam has left the house which leaves Chloe thinking it's over. The family go radge at Newcastle's biggest funfair. Beau and Bethan make it official. (S20, ep6) 
02:50Geordie Shore Chloe visits Sam and they make progress in their relationship. The squad go camping, and get attacked by midges. James decides to tell Sam about Chloe's kiss in Ibiza. (S20, ep7) 
03:40Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo watch some "PG porno", fill their tanks up with "nightmare fuel", and meet the superhero known as "The Drunk Knight". (S11, ep2) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Quinn has decided she needs a steady boyfriend, and the winnowing process could take years. (S5, ep8)