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Listings for Mtv on Tuesday, September 22 2020

06:00Daria Daria gets roped into participating in the Lawndale High yearbook and meets Ted, who up to now has been entirely schooled at home. (S2, ep7) 
06:20Laguna Beach When LC, Stephen and Trey check out a designer fashion show in LA, LC watches Stephen's attention switch from fashion to fashion models. (S1, ep3) 
06:45Laguna Beach When Morgan throws Christina an 18th birthday bash, she cuts LC and Lo from the guest list, so bumping into them the next day at the nail salon is sweet revenge. (S1, ep4) 
07:10I Used To Be Fat 250lb Marci is off to college and wants a life of friends and cute clothes. But will her bootcamp-style trainer be extreme enough to battle years of junk food and insecurity? (S1, ep2) 
08:00Teen Mom UK Amber goes dating, Mia struggles with night feeds, Chloe takes Marley to a modelling session, Dylan buys Megan a horse and Naomi and Raphael's love life hits a rocky patch. (S1, ep3) 
09:00Teen Mom UK Chloe turns 18 but rows with Jordan on her big night out. Meanwhile, Megan and Dylan travel to Spain, Mia confronts Maggie, and Amber gets ready for the Christening - but there are tears. (S1, ep4) 
10:00The Charlotte Show Charlotte's keen to put last week's drunken mistake behind her, but will Josh forgive her for locking lips with someone else? Meanwhile, Charlotte plans a surprise party for her Dad's 50th. (S1, ep3) 
10:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte tries to take her relationship with Josh to the next level by meeting his friends, but her world is sent into a spin when she finds out that her ex Stephen is back in the UK. (S1, ep4) 
11:00Rich Kids Go Skint Fergus leads a life of privilege in Chelsea, but how will he cope living with Anna and her family in Croydon, who are struggling to make ends meet? (S1, ep1) 
12:00Catfish: Teams After months of sexting with a hot model he met on a hookup app, Marvin is eager to meet him in person. Max and sidekick, singer Chantal Claret, agree to help Marvin find his crush. (S6, ep5) 
13:00Catfish: Teams Hundra never planned on falling in love with a girl and is risking coming out on national TV to learn if her love is for real. Nev investigates to reveal a shocking Catfish. (S4, ep17) 
14:00Catfish: Teams Taylor needs help after falling for a guy claiming to have gone to her school. Nev and co-host Tallulah dig into Taylor's tale only to uncover secrets more shocking than they ever expected. (S7, ep34) 
15:00Catfish: Teams Smart, single mum Miracle fell for Javonni, a dreamy-eyed Instagrammer. With Max on hiatus, Nev teams up with TV personality Charlamagne to take Miracle on a hunt for the man of her dreams. (S4, ep1) 
16:00Catfish: Teams Ray is determined to meet his online love Lexi. After learning that her sister has meddled in their relationship in the past, Nev and Max find themselves with more questions than answers. (S5, ep7) 
17:00Catfish: Teams Harold found his match with a beautiful fellow jock named Armani. Although they live in the same area, they've never met. Nev is joined by Angel Haze to help Harold get his perfect girl. (S4, ep3) 
18:00Catfish: Teams Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford help lovestruck Kaden figure out if his four-year relationship with sexy Adriana is real. What's crazy is, Kaden actually met Adrianna IRL! (S7, ep33) 
19:00Rich Kids Go Skint Sepii is 21, a medical student and a rich kid. But now she faces a reality check as she spends time living with a family on the breadline in Manchester. (S1, ep2) 
20:00Teen Mom 2 Briana, frustrated by Luis' absence, tracks him down at a nightclub. After a major fight with her mum, things get even worse for Jade at Kloie's birthday party. (S10, ep1) 
21:00Billionaire Kids: Happy Birthday Reality series following super-rich parents who only provide the best for their offspring. (S1, ep3) 
22:00New: Geordie Shore: Marnie's Story Marnie Simpson looks back on her life and her journey from Geordie Shore wild child to full time mum. (S1, ep1) 
23:00OMG! Little Divas: Tantrums... ... & Tiaras. Meet some of Britain's biggest divas, including 30-year-old Janey who throws tantrums until her fiance Ross buys her a Range Rover and a bum lift. 
00:00Catfish: The TV Show Nev and Kamie are shocked to hear that Stephanie has been talking to Danny for ten years but has never video chatted! Stephanie is ready for love, but can she handle the truth? (S8, ep16) 
01:00Just Tattoo Of Us Things get emotional as Geordie Shore couple Holly and Kyle design tattoos for each other, while best mates Sean and Dan look to stitch each other up with memories of girlfriends past. (S1, ep2) 
02:00Geordie Shore The squad are in a good place, tearing up the Toon and having fun welcoming the newbies. But, it all kicks off when Chloe ignores Nathan's advice about getting too close to new boy, Ant. (S21, ep2) 
02:50Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by supermodel Shanina Shaik to see who gets cut from the squad, get duped by some shame artists, and drink like a vampire in "drunkulas". (S11, ep10) 
03:15Ridiculousness Gymnastics champion Laurie Hernandez joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about her finely tuned "slamdar", the difference between her and street gymnasts, and more. (S11, ep11) 
03:40Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome singer­songwriter MAX and get "afraid in the dark", learn that true love is "meant to be" and make some bizarre fashion choices on "laundry day". (S11, ep12) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Daria and Jodie are invited to visit a school for the gifted and talented. (S2, ep8)