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Listings for Living Tv on Sunday, August 3 2014

06:00RSPCA Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. 
06:30RSPCA Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. 
07:00RSPCA Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. 
07:30RSPCA Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. 
08:00The Real A & E A chef is left fighting for his life after he suffers a full-blown asthma attack. Elsewhere, a young boy's condition is critical after a metal fence falls on his head. 
08:30The Real A & E A mother of three comes close to death when she has an extreme reaction to antibiotics. And, in Teesside, a motorcyclist's face is badly hurt after he collides with a car. 
09:00The Real A & E Reality series. Motorcyclist Richard Smith, 25, suffers life-threatening injuries after a crash leaves him trapped for almost an hour under a 13-tonne truck. 
09:30The Real A & E Free runner John, 25, breaks his heel after jumping ten feet from a bridge. Meanwhile Vanessa is trapped in her car after a crash sees it plunge into a ditch. 
10:00The Real A & E Tony's motorcycle bursts into flames between his legs while town planner Liz is left in agony after her half-tonne horse bolts and lands on top of her. 
10:30The Real A & E When Justin tries to detach a winch rope from a rock face during a charity event, a loose boulder falls on his pelvis. But with such rocky terrain, the Air Ambulance is unable to land. 
11:00The Real A & E It's another busy day for the staff at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. After tripping over and hitting a wall head-first, Carol's ear is left hanging by a thread. 
11:30The Real A & E Teessider Michael suffers a postie's worst nightmare when a dog sinks its teeth into his arm. Across town an ice hockey player is out cold when he hits his head on the rink. 
12:00The Real A & E Champion jockey Jaqueline is airlifted to A&E after being thrown from her horse. And doctors fear 13-year-old Charlie has the first signs of a rare and disfiguring disease. 
12:30The Real A & E Bill Prior, 71, suffers a massive heart attack in his home. And in Teesside, a fall during a back flip shatters a 12 year old's Olympic dreams, as well as his arm. 
13:00The Real A & E A playground fight leaves a 12 year old with spinal injuries. Across town, a hole in the pavement proves the undoing of a fitter's mate who falls into a pub cellar, injuring his leg. 
13:30The Real A & E A 73-year-old golfer has a heart attack on the fairway, but is saved by his quick-thinking friends. Elsewhere a 12 year old crashes his motorbike on his parents' farm. 
14:00The Real A & E A fitness instructor has stitches without anaesthetic when he ruptures a varicose vein while jogging. Elsewhere, doctors must try to locate a bullet after a man shoots himself in the back. 
14:30The Real A & E A 74-year-old car crash victim with suspected spinal injuries conquers her fear of flying when she is airlifted to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. 
15:00Obese: A Year To Save My Life Twenty-nine-year-old Lee is an inspiration for bigger people and is determined to lose weight. Can Jessie and the team help him end his unrestrained love affair with food? (S1, ep 8) 
16:00Obese: A Year To Save My Life Stepping off the scales, the powerful documentary series reaches its conclusion. Find out if Jessie and the team can work their magic one last time on super-sized Sharon. (S1, ep 9) 
17:00America's Next Top Model The aspiring models are in a spin - literally - as they face a challenge on a rotating runway. The men and women then couple up for a photo shoot in a trailer park. (S20, ep 5) New. 
18:00Four Weddings Special celebrity edition featuring Big Brother winner Pete Bennett, Faye from Steps, glamour model Michelle Marsh and actress Carol Harrison. 
19:00She's Having A Baby Two women share their contrasting ideas on what constitutes the 'perfect' pregnancy and how to achieve it in this candid and entertaining documentary series. (S1, ep 4) New. 
20:00Nine Months Later To find out how first-time mums and dads adjust, cameras join five growing families for the first eight months of life's biggest learning curve. (S1, ep 4) New. 
21:00Elementary An Unnatural Arrangement Holmes probes Captain Gregson's private life following an invasion of his home by a masked gunman. Mad Men's Talia Balsam guest stars. (S2, ep 6) 
22:00The Blacklist Anslo Garrick Red's days of playing judge, jury and executioner could be over. News of his manhunt prompts a man on his list to try to capture the ex-con. (S1, ep 9) 
23:00Bones The Method in the Madness Booth invites Sweets to stay at the family home, but soon regrets it. The team investigate what they suspect to be a modern-day Jack the Ripper. (S8, ep 5) 
00:00Criminal Minds Memoriam Dr Reid takes it upon himself to investigate an old case involving the murder of a young boy that he feels is somehow connected to his own childhood. (S4, ep 7) 
01:00Criminal Minds Masterpiece The BAU profile a serial killer who has turned himself in, but refuses to give the team any information on his latest victims. (S4, ep 8) 
02:00Inside...Alaska's Toughest Prison Hidden behind Alaska's snowy glaciers lies a hotbed of hardened criminals. Enter Spring Creek Correctional Center, home to Seward's most feared felons. Violent scenes. 
03:00Fat: The Fight Of My Life Leanne is a busy mum of four, but since reaching 28 stone, she can't cope. Follow her year-long journey with fitness genius Jessie Pavelka. (S1, ep 8) 
03:55Nothing To Declare Fly-on-the-wall documentary series following the men and women who defend Australia from drug runners, illegal immigrants and terrorists.