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Listings for ITV 1 HD on Saturday, July 20 2019

06:00Dino Dana King of the Dance Floor Edutainment series. Dana sees a tyrannosaurus rex dancing and decides that she must learn the reason behind its weird behaviour. [SL] S1 Ep13 
06:10Super 4 Bubble Trouble Animated adventure series. A mysterious force is leading people towards the highest mountain in the country - and Alex is also under its control. [SL] S2 Ep16 
06:25Super 4 Logic and Magic Animated adventure series. Twinkle the fairy turns to Gene to help her become smarter, but Gene's solution turns her into a cold and calculating machine. [SL] S2 Ep17 
06:35Thunderbirds Are Go The Hexpert Animated series. A scientist accidentally locks herself inside a vault storing unstable matter. Parker has broken into one like this before and attempts to free her. [SL] S1 Ep20 
07:00Mission Employable Become a Mechanic Join Agent Kym as she becomes a rally car mechanic and helps prepare a super-fast car for its next big race. [SL] S2 Ep7 
07:05Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. The Fly: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. Mr Bean declares war when he finds a fly in his room, and searches for ever-more-outlandish weapons. S1 Ep6 
07:15Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. Mime Games: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. Mr Bean is chased home by an angry mime artist. S1 Ep7 
07:30Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars The Return When the Avengers return to Earth, they discover Loki has turned the planet into a frozen wasteland and is hell-bent on unleashing Ragnarok. S4 Ep14 
07:55Milo Murphy's Law Family Vacation Milo accidentally joins another family for their vacation, and now they have to get used to Milo Murphy's law. S1 Ep11 
08:10Milo Murphy's Law Murphy's Lard Melissa reveals that she has a secret fear of roller coasters, so Milo and Zack decide to try and help her get over it. What could go wrong? S1 Ep12 
08:25ITV News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results. 
08:30New: The Sara Cox Show Joining Sara Cox on the show are Blur's Alex James and author and podcaster Giovanna Fletcher, with music from Morcheeba. Plus, a hangout with the stars of The Lion King. Ep27 
09:25New: James Martin's Saturday... ...Morning. James is joined by singer and actress Lisa Stansfield and chef Ainsley Harriott. On the menu are chicken with girolle mushroom sauce, and steak with bearnaise sauce. S2 Ep47 
11:35John and Lisa's Weekend... ...Kitchen. It's Barbecue Week in John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen - with a menu perfect for indoor or outdoor grilling including delicious chicken burgers and toffee bananas. S2 Ep6 
12:35Save Money: Good Diet Phil takes on one of our takeaway favourites - which delicious dish will claim number four in our countdown? And can triplets from Stourbridge follow their recipe to the letter? S2 Ep5 
13:00Britain's Best Walks with... ...Julia Bradbury. Island Walk: Laxey, Isle of Man: Julia's favourite island walk has it all, including a climb with a unique view out to all of the British Isles in one. Ep6/8 
13:30ITV Lunchtime News The latest headlines from around the world at lunchtime with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents, all of which are followed by a national weather forecast. 
13:40Midsomer Murders Sword of Guillaume Barnaby takes a trip to Brighton where a property developer is beheaded at a funfair. But what's the connection to a lady desperate to preserve her family line? S13 Ep1 
15:35Tenable I'm with the Band Five more contestants step up to the plate in the general knowledge quiz based on Top 10 lists. Will they have what it takes to get a Perfect 10 and win big? S2 Ep30 
16:35Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. S5 Ep72 
17:35The Chase Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Heather, Matt, Lee and Eldin hope that together they can beat the Chaser and leave with thousands of pounds. S9 Ep143 
18:25ITV Evening News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results. 
18:35ITV News London The latest news and weather from London and the South East. 
18:45New: Harry Hill's Alien Fun... ...Capsule. Featuring The Last Leg comedian Josh Widdicombe, Coronation Street legend Amanda Barrie, EastEnders star Samantha Womack and journalist Michael Buerk. S3 Ep7 
19:15New: Catchphrase Mary, Jos, and Angela will be trying to 'Say What They See' for a huge jackpot as they attempt to guess familiar phrases from the animations on the screen. S6 Ep9 
20:00New: The Voice Kids It's the semi-final and Jessie J, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and have only three kids left in their teams, and only one place available in the final. S3 Ep7 
21:45ITV News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world. 
22:05The World Is Not Enough Film Action starring Pierce Brosnan and Denise Richards, 1999. James Bond goes head-to-head with a notorious criminal who cannot feel pain and is planning a nuclear disaster. 
00:20Cycling: Tour de France... ...Highlights 2019. Stage 14: Highlights of Stage 14 from Tarbes to Tourmalet Bareges, the second mountain top finish of the Tour. Ep15 
01:105 Gold Rings Husband and wife Steve and Paula take on couple Kat and Danny in the interactive game show in which contestants can win over 50,000 pounds. Phillip Schofield hosts. S2 Ep3 
02:00500 Questions Giles Coren hosts the quiz show with one all-important rule - get three questions in a row wrong and you are out of the game with another challenger waiting to take your place. Ep3 
02:50Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
03:20The Wonder of Britain Julia Bradbury continues her journey. In this edition, she explores the Isle of Skye, Cheddar Gorge, and a special place for her - Derbyshire's Peak District. [SL] S1 Ep5 
04:10ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
06:00Dino Dana Fossil Finders When some boys at the beach refuse to let Dana play in their volleyball game, Dana goes fossil hunting and meets famous fossil finder Mary Anning. [SL] S1 Ep14