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Listings for Disney on Sunday, September 23 2018

06:00Ducktales McMystery at McDuck McManor! Scrooge mysteriously disappears while Huey tries to throw him the perfect birthday party. The boys now have to host a locked room mystery party. S1 E11 
06:25Big Hero 6 The Series Failure Mode Hiro becomes demoralized when his latest school project fails spectacularly. He and the team must take on the incompetent villain, Globby. S1 E6 
06:56Elena Of Avalor Prince Too Charming Visiting a neighbouring kingdom Elena is convinced by a spoiled prince to set aside her better judgement and take a break, resulting in unforeseen problems. S1 E7 
07:25Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Darkblade: After losing the local elections, Armand d'Argencourt gets akumatized. Now Darkblade and armed with his sword, he wants to become mayor. S1 E12 
07:56Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Hairdon't Rapunzel and other beloved characters get swept up in fun-but-brief scenarios and situations that showcase great physical comedy and heart. S2 E5 
08:00Elena of Avalor: Realm of the... ...Jaquins When Elena travels to the realm of the Jaquins, she inadvertently allows a mythical forest spirit to be released who could endanger Avalor. 
08:50Cars Toons Air Mater Mater takes flying lessons. He accidentally finds himself in a formation flying squad The Falcon Hawks, and must perform a dangerous stunt. He's rescued by Lightning McQueen Hawk! S1 E10 
08:55Ducktales McMystery at McDuck McManor! Scrooge mysteriously disappears while Huey tries to throw him the perfect birthday party. The boys now have to host a locked room mystery party. S1 E11 
09:26Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Night Bite Rapunzel and other beloved characters get swept up in fun-but-brief scenarios and situations that showcase great physical comedy and heart. S2 E1 
09:31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Rejected and humiliated by Chloe, Kim gets akumatized and becomes Dark Cupid. Armed with a bow and evil roses, the black angel wants to turn all love into hate! S1 E11 
10:00Raven's Home Because When Booker and Nia want to reveal Booker's powers to impress classmates, Raven warns them to keep the Baxter's psychic powers a family secret. S2 E3 
10:32Raven's Home In-Vision of Privacy When Booker has a vision of Tess getting her heart broken, he sets out with Levi to prevent it from happening. S1 E11 
11:00Bunk'd Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka The Ross kids are at camp where owner Gladys is scarier than the rumoured beast. She's out to get them because of her old rivalry with their mum. S1 E1 
11:32Bunk'd Gone Girl Ravi becomes suspicious when he overhears Xander's plans for his first date with Emma. S1 E2 
12:00Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Beast Day Party Inventor and mediator Harley Diaz manoeuvers through being part of a big happy family, from the unique vantage point of being a tween middle child. S2 E8 
12:32Stuck In The Middle Stuck without Devices:The kids must entertain themselves for an entire weekend without using technology or devices. S2 E10 
13:00Andi Mack Home Away From Home Andi and Bex struggle to get comfortable with their new living arrangement. Cyrus thinks Iris has dumped him so he enlists Buffy to fill in as his date. S1 E10 
13:32Andi Mack Were We Ever? Bex encourages Andi to stand up for herself and challenge an unreasonable new dress code, so Andi and friends practise their newfound empowerment and start a protest. S1 E11 
14:00Jessie Dance, Dance, Resolution Top UK band The Vamps star in this episode, where everyone is trying to get a date for the dance, except Jessie and Emma, who are trying to organize the whole thing. S4 E12 
14:32Jessie Someone has Tou-Pay Bertram buys a toupee for his band's performance but it goes missing. Jessie learns what happened to it. Everyone supports Bertram's performance without his toupee. S4 E6 
15:00Bizaardvark Bizaardvark vs Vicki Hot Head Fuego Paige and Frankie learn Vuuglers get into feuds for publicity or subscribers, and decide to start a fake feud with a 13-year-old MMA fighter. S1 E14 
15:32Bizaardvark Moosetashio - A Cautionary Tale: The girls realize the most popular videos online don't require much thought, they decide to make a silly video about a moose named Moosetashio. S1 E15 
16:00Raven's Home Weirder Things The kids win a contest for a private screening of favourite TV show Weirder Things. Raven agrees to take them if they' stay out of way while she gets her hair done. S2 E5 
16:32Raven's Home The Missteps Nia and Tess decide to form their own step squad to take down the school's reigning championship team. S2 E6 
17:00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... ...Cat Noir: The Collector: Adrien's father is akumatized into The Collector. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to stop him and to unmask Hawk Moth? S2 E1 
17:31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Origins Part Two - Stone Heart: Marinette doesn't want to be Ladybug anymore, but Paris, Cat Noir and Alya are in danger. Ladybug is the only one who can save them. S1 E17 
18:00Ducktales Daytrip of Doom Huey, Dewey and Louie take Webby to Funso's Fun Zone to get her outside of her sheltered life at the mansion and have a dangerous run-in with the Beagle Boys. S1 E3 
18:31Ducktales The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! Scrooge and Huey are determined to be first to set foot atop an impossible Himalayan summit, but the mountain holds a treacherous secret. S1 E6 
19:00Big Hero 6 The Series Fred's Bro-Tillion When super-villain Baron Von Steamer crashes Fred's Bro-Tillion, Big Hero 6 springs into action. S1 E1 
19:31Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Forest of No Return Rapunzel is lost in the mysterious Forest of No Return.To navigate the dangerous area, they must rely on the mysterious Adira..But can Adira be trusted? S2 E5 
20:00Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Freebird In a bizarre corner of the woods Rapunzel and Cassandra are magically transformed into birds. What are the motives of the mysterious locals who've caused this change? S2 E6 
20:32K.C. Undercover Family Feud The Cooper family and Agent Johnson are trying to get Abby to give up the whereabouts of her parents. With no luck getting Abby to talk, they keep her in jail. S2 E26 
21:00K.C. Undercover Coopers on the Run - Part One: The Cooper family along with Marisa, are on the run from Zane in Rio de Janeiro S3 E1 
21:32Liv and Maddie Detention-A-Rooney In order to get out of a mother/son pageant, Parker intentionally gets up to mischief to get detention. Pete plays nurse when Liv and Maddie get sick at the same time. S2 E9 
22:00Liv and Maddie Upcycle-A-Rooney When Maddie accidentally loses her special twin charms, Liv is upset and disappointed. Maddie steals Liv's charms to get back at her. S2 E10 
22:31Wizards Of Waverly Place Moving On Alex and Harper see Justin moping. He's depressed over losing Juliet, and they want to help. Alex transforms Harper into Juliet to allow Justin to say his final goodbye. S3 E24 
23:00Wizards Of Waverly Place Delinquent Justin Alex reveals she made a clone of Justin which has been going to college for four years. When she tries to undo the spell, the two Justins merge into one. S3 E23 
23:29Raven's Home You're Gonna Get It When Nia sneaks to school wearing make-up against Raven's orders, she draws the attention of the 8th grade girls who invite her to hang out with them. S1 E5 
23:57Alex & Co. Episode 22 Alex & Co argue while writing their new song, Sam learns Rebecca has a lovely voice but doesn't want to upset Linda. He forgets his six month anniversary with Nicole. S2 E9 
00:23Good Luck Charlie Weekend in Vegas Ivy tricks Teddy into joining her on a road trip to Las Vegas which isn't what it seems! Gabe admits he's playing Little League. Will Amy be embarrassing if she watches him? S4 E16 
00:48Good Luck Charlie Accepted Teddy is disappointed when she only gets on the waiting list for her first choice college, Yale, but Victor gets in. She plays a prank which could have serious repercussions. S4 E17 
01:12Good Luck Charlie Good Luck Jessie - Part Two: After Teddy and PJ can't get home from New York for Christmas because of snow, they turn to Jessie for help. S4 E18 
01:36Hannah Montana When You Wish You Were a Star Miley wishes she could be Hannah all the time. Her wish comes true, but despite a superstar lifestyle and dating Jesse McCartney, she misses her normal life. S2 E5 
01:59Hannah Montana I am Hannah, Hear Me Croak Miley must have an operation for a throat problem which might jeopardise her career as Hannah. Her mother comforts her in a dream. Brooke Shields guest stars. S2 E6 
02:22Hannah Montana You've Gotta Fight for Your Right Not to Party Miley and Jackson's fighting gets them grounded. Their plan to get Lilly and Oliver to pretend to be them when they want to go out backfires. S2 E7 
02:46Violetta Ludmila sabotages Violetta's enrolment form for the reality show. Jade is surprised to learn the identity of the mysterious gardener who has been spying on her. S1 E58 
03:33Disney The Lodge The Truth Skye meets the mysterious Samuel James, whose name was in the diary. He tells her the lodge's history and gives her something special which may help her save the lodge. S1 E9 
03:56Evermoor Chronicles The Things They Say About Alice Alice is nervous on her first day at Evermoor High. A magic splinter causes rumours about her to come true and she becomes a rampaging rock star. S2 E2 
04:20Disney Cookabout Episode 16 Kate and Siya visit a flour mill in the heart of South Africa's main wheat growing region. S1 E16 
04:43The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Cody Goes to Camp Zack failed the maths test so can't go to camp with Cody. Zack thinks Cody's homesick and gets learner driver London to drive him to camp. They find Cody's fine! S1 E13 
05:09Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Lady WiFi: Marinette's friend Alya is akumatized. Now Lady Wifi, she's convinced Chloe is Ladybug and seeks to unmask her. Ladybug must protect her secret identity at all costs! S1 E7 
05:32Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. The Evillustrator: A fellow student in love with Marinette gets akumatized. Now the Evillustrator, he seeks revenge against Chloe, the bully who made fun of him. S1 E8 
06:00Ducktales The Great Dime Chase At the Money Bin, Louie accidentally spends Scrooge's Number One Dime and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back. S1 E5