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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, December 14 2019

06:00Deadliest Catch Russian Roulette. Cornelia co-captains, Josh and Casey, risk a 500-mile trek north to the Russian line. Meanwhile, captain Keith struggles with a broken boat and a broken heart. S15, Ep10 
07:00Deadliest Catch Curse Of The Russian Line. The winter season strikes the fleet with brutal Storm Elsa. And, Josh and Casey haul their all-time biggest pots, starting a gold rush to the Russian Line. S15, Ep11 
08:00Deadliest Catch Hell Hath No Fury. The wrath of Arctic storm Elsa hits the Cornelia hardest as a breakaway pot thrashes Josh and Casey's crew. And, the icy blasts threaten to capsize the Wizard. S15, Ep12 
09:00Deadliest Catch Sixty Foot Monster. As arctic superstorm Elsa intensifies, a rare forecast warns of huge waves. Trapped in the crab-rich northern grounds, one boat faces a 60-foot monster. S15, Ep13 
10:00Deadliest Catch Crane Wreck. During an artic storm, Cornelia Marie's crane comes off the rails causing injury and damaging equipment. But, this pales into insignificance when Sig gets a phone call. S15, Ep14 
11:00Deadliest Catch Devil's Cut. A Cornelia Marie deckhand suffers a devastating blow that requires emergency surgery at sea by Casey. Meanwhile, Captain Sig is left behind awaiting news from home. S15, Ep15 
12:00Deadliest Catch Unbreakable. The fleet deal with back-to-back unrelenting storms on the Bering Sea. Freddy attempts surgery on himself and the Summer Bay Crew receives news on Nick's future. S15, Ep16 
13:00Deadliest Catch Hell Or High Water. Another powerful winter storm hits as Monte returns to the Wizard after dealing with his dad's funeral arrangements. Plus, Jake is faced with a tough decision. S15, Ep17 
14:00Deadliest Catch Unholy Alliance. With the winter crabbing season ending, the fleet battles monster waves. Then, veterans Sig and Steve form an unlikely alliance and Freddy suffers a bloody injury! S15, Ep18 
15:00Deadliest Catch Dark Ship. As smoke fills the Wizard, the Colburns face a dark ship nightmare. And, the storm and towering breakers shatter Jake's steel anchor, threatening the crew. S15, Ep19 
16:00Deadliest Catch Time And Tide Wait For No Man. Winter unleashes its fury on the Summer Bay. A rookie mistake leaves Captain Bill a deckhand short, and Sean finds a fatal flaw in his crab count. S15, Ep20 
17:00Deadliest Catch Dead Or Alive. Each skipper's next move determines who survives the final winter dash. Winds put the Wizard on a collision course and Jake taps a Hillstrand to save the Saga. S15, Ep21 
18:00Levison Wood: Walking The... ...Himalayas. Levison arrives in Nepal and visits one of the country's national parks. It's home to tigers, rhinos and massive crocodiles, but animals aren't the only dangers he faces. S1, Ep3 
19:00Gold Rush No Time For Redemption. Tensions rise when Parker introduces a new crew member and a radical plan. The Beets family run an important test on daughter Monica's Hunker Creek claim. S10, Ep9 
20:00Gold Rush: White Water Birthday Gold. It's Fred Hurt's 76th birthday, but a mutiny on his crew threatens his mining plan. Meanwhile, Dustin's decision to run both dredges non-stop proves risky. S3, Ep5 
21:00Apollo 8: The Mission That... ...Changed The World. When the first manned mission to the Moon took off, earth was in chaos. Astronaut Bill Anders recounts the story and subsequent environmental campaigns. 
22:00New: Return To The Moon: Seconds To... ...Arrival. Engineers and scientists count down the final moments leading to the world's first ever privately-funded moon mission. Will they be able to stick the landing? S1, Ep1 
23:00Greatest Events Of World War II Dresden Firestorm. The Allies' bombing of the German city of Dresden was one of the most controversial of WWII. Rare archive footage tells the story as it's never seen before. S1, Ep8 
00:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Rookie Mistakes. Mining expert Dave Turin bets his life savings that he can unearth piles of gold from an abandoned mine using salvaged equipment and a team of amateur miners. S1, Ep2 
01:00Blowing Up History Mysteries In The Alien Desert. The Nazca Lines are mysterious symbols that have been carved into the Atacama Desert more than a thousand years ago. How and why were they created? S4, Ep1 
02:00Bitchin' Rides Car Show To The Stars. Prior to the annual classic car show in Los Angeles, the guys need to shake down a 1962 Corvette and make some design adjustments to a '55 Mercedes Gullwing. S6, Ep4 
03:00Blowing Up History Pompeii's Evil Twin. The sunken town of Baiae remains frozen in time, lying on the seabed of the Bay of Naples. Now, marine archaeologists investigate its fascinating secrets. S4, Ep7 
03:50Wheeler Dealers 1976 Mercury Capri MK2. Mike finds a rare beast: a 1976 Mercury Capri MK2 with the classic 2.8 litre V6. However, it's not without its problems, which means a lot of work for Ant. S15, Ep1 
04:40Alaska: The Last Frontier Thanksgiving Rescue. As Thanksgiving approaches, the Kilchers prepare for a feast. Eivin and Eve rescue a baby seal on the beach and there's a beetle infestation on the homestead. S9, Ep8 
05:30How It's Made Find out how race car oil, plaster mouldings, lemongrass oil, and fly tying vises are made. S24, Ep13 
06:00Wheeler Dealers Pontiac GTO - Chicago. The team know a rust-free GTO would be a great car to kick off the USA workshop. But these cars are rare, and Mike has to travel all the way to Chicago. S12, Ep1