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Listings for Discovery on Friday, July 19 2019

06:00Outback Truckers Sharon has to move a copper mountain, Sludge must shift a freight of highly flammable liquid, and mobile butcher Larry must save his meat from the heat. S3, Ep12 
07:00Alaskan Bush People Welcome to Browntown. The Browns set up home - a small log shack for the boys, and an outhouse and shower for the girls. Can the boys prove to Billy they can make it in the bush? S2, Ep3 
08:00Naked and Afraid XL 40 Days Sacrifice. With 15 days to go in the 40-day challenge, the ten remaining survivalists - dehydrated and protein starved - find themselves converging at dangerous Piranha Lake. S1, Ep6 
09:00Mighty Ships Akamalik. In a country whose economy is almost 100 percent based on fishing, Akamalik, the high-tech star of Royal Greenland's trawler fleet, plays a critical role. S2, Ep6 
10:00Fast N' Loud Tune It Up. The Monkeys and guest builder Big Mike race to finish their '75 Datsun 280Z. But a missing part may stop Richard from debuting Gas Monkey's first-ever tuner car at SEMA. S5, Ep6 
11:00Wheeler Dealers 1972 Lancia Fulvia. Mike finds a rare, rally-bred 1972 Lancia Fulvia. He and Ant must fix its bad CV joints, a broken heater, cracked dash and a debris-clogged fuel system. S14, Ep14 
12:00Railroad Alaska Train from Hell. Spring brings new challenges for the off-gridders as they scramble to repair their cabins. Plus, the freight team prepares their most dangerous load of the year. S2, Ep10 
13:00Combat Dealers The Country Fair. Military wheeler-dealer Bruce Crompton sees his local Country Fare as a great opportunity to raise business. Can he hunt down a German Schwimmwagen to get noticed? S1, Ep1 
14:00Alaskan Bush People Birdy Get Your Gun. The family seeks food in the woods but soon realise there's stiff competition - bears. With supplies running low, Birdy goes hunting on the bears' turf. S2, Ep4 
15:00Kindig Customs The Secret Client. Dave is tasked with finding and transforming a 1967 GTO for a secret client from South Africa. Meanwhile, Dave buys back one of his first builds, a Karman Ghia. S4, Ep15 
16:00Kindig Customs Bobble-Head Ache. The 67 GTO is ready for its debut, but the team isn't sure about Dave's colour choice. Polished panels, custom upholstery and a fierce engine make it stand out. S4, Ep16 
17:00Garage Rehab Fast Lane Auto Repair. Richard helps a fellow hot rod enthusiast in Nashville. With less than a week to transform the shop, the crew have their work cut out for them in Music City. S1, Ep9 
18:00Fast N' Loud Supping Up a Super Ford GT - Part I. When Richard brings in a 2005 Ford GT with the intention of making a quick profit, Aaron talks him into giving it the full Gas Monkey treatment. S3, Ep19 
19:00Outback Truckers Turbo pushes his luck, and his truck, as he tries to go the distance and deliver his load. Plus, trucker Bob tackles a mountain of timber head on. S3, Ep13 
20:00Combat Dealers From Russia With Love. Bruce and ex-Para Freddy head to Russia, finding some of Moscow's biggest military dealers. Back home, the twins restore a rare German engine starter. S3, Ep2 
21:00New: Greatest Events Of World... ...War II. Battle Of Britain. In 1940, France has fallen and Hitler orders Operation Sealion: the invasion of Great Britain. Rare, expertly-restored footage tells the story in a new light. S1, Ep2 
22:00Wings Of War Bandits, Secrets & Spies. With the raising of the Iron Curtain, intelligence from within the Soviet Union was hard to come by. How did high-altitude spy planes overcome this problem? S1, Ep2 
23:00Wheeler Dealers Maserati 3200 GT. Mike buys a supercar from the super saver menu, specifically an Italian thoroughbred for under 10,000. But with supercars come super-sized bills. S11, Ep5 
00:00Greatest Events Of World War II Battle Of Britain. In 1940, France has fallen and Hitler orders Operation Sealion: the invasion of Great Britain. Rare, expertly-restored footage tells the story in a new light. S1, Ep2 
01:00Fast N' Loud One of a Kind Woodill. The gang restores a rare, flammable Woodill Wildfire - but how much will this limited edition pick up? Plus, Richard lets off steam at a Demolition Derby. S1, Ep10 
02:00New: Apollo the Forgotten Films In 1969, millions watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. But behind these iconic images is an untold story, and the most extensive search for unseen footage ever undertaken. 
03:50Wheeler Dealers 1991 Toyota Mr2 Turbo. The guys are excited when they find a legendary 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo. But, one small fix becomes a big problem for Ant as the entire engine has to be removed. S15, Ep3 
04:40Gold Rush The Father, The Son & The Holy Roller. Parker opens a new cut, but his crew is stuck in the mud. And, Todd risks big bucks on a new washplant, but needs back Hunter on the team. S8, Ep15 
05:30How It's Made Find out how mosquito coils, solar-assist tricycles, palm oil, and fiberglass chopper guns are made. S24, Ep8 
06:00Kindig Customs From Malibu to the Maliboost. A client with a massively powerful '64 Malibu rolls into Bitchin' Rides to catch the rest of the outdated car up to all the power under the hood. S2, Ep6