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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, March 23 2019

06:00Outback Truckers Mark Cromwell feels the pressure of a job worth 2 million dollars, Belinda is up to her neck in mess with a herd of cattle and Turbo's load is on the verge of destruction. S3, Ep10 
07:00Mighty Ships Africa Mercy. Africa Mercy is the world's largest NGO hospital ship. Travelling to Earth's poorest regions, her six state-of-the-art operating theatres deliver care to thousands. S3, Ep5 
08:00Mighty Ships Cristobal Colon. Cristobal Colon is a ship proving bigger is better. She can dredge and deliver millions of cubic metres of sand from the sea floor to construction sites. S3, Ep6 
09:00Fast N' Loud Shining Up A '59 F-100. When a big-name client wants Gas Monkey to build them a promotional vehicle on spec, Richard bets they'll take a shine to a custom '59 Ford F-100. S5, Ep7 
10:00Fast N' Loud Shiny And New. Richard's gamble of building a '59 Ford F-100 promotional vehicle on spec for a brewery may pay off to the tune $150,000 - but only if they like the end result. S5, Ep8 
11:00Misfit Garage Muddy Payday. Klump returns with the Willys Jeep painted the wrong colour. Thomas and Tom make a deal on a vintage '64 GTI and tell him they're building it. S2, Ep8 
12:00Outback Truckers Sludge and the Phantom ride into battle fighting the elements. An old river boat takes a bumpy road to repair, and Turbo has problems with weight weather and wheel bearings. S4, Ep10 
13:00How Do They Do It? How do they build a caravan, forge tuning forks, resurface an ice rink, and put on the world's biggest light festival? S13, Ep5 
13:30How Do They Do It? How do they make the groovy vinyl LP? How do they build the dodgem? How do they make one of the world's oldest pain remedies, tiger balm? S13, Ep6 
14:00World War II in Colour Red Sun Rampant. The attack on Pearl Harbour brought the 'sleeping giant', America, into the war, and saw the emergence of the aircraft carrier as the pre-eminent weapon of the seas. S1, Ep5 
15:00World War II in Colour The Mediterranean & North Africa. Mussolini wanted to recreate the Roman Empire, but proved to be a poor military strategist. His incompetence contributed to Hitler's defeat. S1, Ep6 
16:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Past And Present. Ancient art and archaeology suggest mankind has been visited by otherworldly beings. Is this proof of contact with aliens since the dawn of man? S1, Ep5 
17:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Deathbed Confessions. UFO researchers believe NASA is hiding the truth about alien life. Could the deathbed confessions of famous scientists reveal a history of otherworldly contact? S1, Ep6 
18:00Robson Green's Australian... ...Adventure. Western Australia. Robson explores the remotest corner of Australia's biggest state to understand how people live and work cut off and isolated from the rest of the country. S1, Ep3 
19:00Ed Stafford: Naked and Marooned It is two weeks since Ed landed on the deserted Fijian island of Olorua. The rainy season looms so he must build shelter inland - and he feels the mental strain more than ever. S1, Ep2 
20:00Extinct Or Alive Florida Black Wolf. Forrest combs the Florida Everglades for the black panther, which has never been seen in the US. Discoveries in the area suggest it may be more than a rumour. S1, Ep3 
21:00Outback Truckers Robbie prepares for the biggest house move in the family's career. And, Jason must transport a massive cargo into the outback with only a narrow window of clear weather. S5, Ep8 
22:00Mighty Ships Maersk Peregrino. Supertanker Maersk Peregrino is transformed into a floating oil production, storage and offloading vessel. She sails from Singapore to the Peregrino oil field. S5, Ep4 
23:00How Do They Do It? How do they power the next generation of race cars that run on electricity? Plus, how do they make mead - the favourite drink of the infamous Vikings? S14, Ep17 
23:30How Do They Do It? How do they build and maintain the famous steam-powered paddleboats that cruise the Mississippi River? And, how did they create the powerful defence system called 'the waterwall'? S14, Ep18 
00:00Chasing Classic Cars It's All About the Race. Wayne lets it all hang it out at the 'Race of Gentlemen', a wondrous weekend of vintage hot rod racing on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. S8, Ep10 
00:30Chasing Classic Cars Driving Miss Joplin. Wayne's lets his freak flag fly when he lands a chance to get up close to a totally psychedelic 1965 Porsche 356C 1600 Cabriolet owned by Janis Joplin. S8, Ep11 
01:00Outback Truckers Mark Cromwell feels the pressure of a job worth 2 million dollars, Belinda is up to her neck in mess with a herd of cattle and Turbo's load is on the verge of destruction. S3, Ep10 
02:00Combat Dealers War Factories. A French museum asks Bruce for help in acquiring an incredibly rare German Panzer 1 tank. He also explores the remains of secret underground Nazi war factories. S4, Ep5 
03:00Wheeler Dealers Amphi-Car. Mike takes the plunge and invests in a car - and a boat, all in one. However, it has some underlying problems that could quite easily make their profits sink like a stone. S11, Ep7 
03:50Gold Rush Fire And Ice. Rick is desperately trying to get the last gold needed to hit his target. Meanwhile, Parker's washplant catches fire and Tony finds out his dredge is short 30 buckets. S9, Ep21 
05:30How It's Made How are everyday objects made? Common items including collagen and plier staplers go under the microscope. S24, Ep24 
06:00Outback Truckers Mark brings a city to a standstill with his multi-million-dollar load, Yogi is on an antiques roadshow where time is of the essence, and Turbo is in a dirt-road marathon dogfight. S3, Ep11