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Listings for Discovery on Friday, February 21 2020

06:00Combat Dealers The Italian Job. Bruce and Hus are on an Italian road-trip. From Venice to Lake Garda they meet up with dealers whose objects tell the incredible story of Italy in WWII. S3, Ep4 
07:00Robson Green's Australian... ...Adventure. Northern Territory. Robson ventures to Australia's Northern Territory to discover how people thrive among its wilderness. He starts at the Top End in the waters of Darwin harbor. S1, Ep2 
08:00Kindig Customs A Caldera-What? An old build is back for new customisations and a new name. With Kevin out of town, Dave tries to sneak a personal project through the doors. S5, Ep4 
09:00Finding Escobar's Millions Endgame. An informant's erratic behaviour forces the team to decide between shutting down the operation or investigating one more narco property that could be the big one. S2, Ep6 
10:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFOs And The Presidents FDR To JFK. Investigators reveal the secret history of US presidents and their knowledge of UFOs. Do they know more than we think and what are they hiding? S2, Ep2 
11:00Fast N' Loud One Cool Impala. When Richard buys a '65 Chevy Impala, they put their Gas Monkey spin on it. Meanwhile, Richard and Aaron score a '34 Five Window Ford. S3, Ep2 
12:00Gold Rush: White Water Birthday Gold. It's Fred Hurt's 76th birthday, but a mutiny on his crew threatens his mining plan. Meanwhile, Dustin's decision to run both dredges non-stop proves risky. S3, Ep5 
13:00Alaska: The Last Frontier High And Dry. With the Constructor in dire need of repair, Otto and his crew must save the vital boat for future use. Eivin takes novice hunter Levi on a last chance hunt. S8, Ep17 
14:00Combat Dealers Battle Of The Bulge. A client wants a German half-track armoured personnel carrier converted into a Pioneer variant, used by the German army during the Battle of the Bulge. S4, Ep4 
15:00World War II in Colour Overlord. How close did D-Day come to failure? Despite meticulous planning, deception plans and specialised equipment its success was always balanced on a knife-edge. S1, Ep9 
16:00Building Off The Grid North Pole. In North Pole, Alaska, the mayor builds a remote family cabin about 16-miles from the nearest town. The harsh cold conditions and location are a big challenge. S1, Ep3 
17:00Wheeler Dealers Toyota Supra. Mike hopes to capitalise on '80s nostalgia by restoring an original 1982 Toyota Supra. Can Ant bring this car into the modern era without losing its originality? S14, Ep2 
18:00Fast N' Loud Thunderstruck. Richard and the Gas Monkeys battle numerous setbacks to finish their old-time NASCAR tribute build. And, Richard is persuaded to work on a dubious '85 Zimmer. S5, Ep16 
19:00Outback Truckers Steve Graham is racing the rain and joining forces to build a mega road train. Meanwhile, on a cross-country marathon, Yogi's truck hits the wall. S2, Ep13 
20:00Gold Rush Frozen Treasure. Parker struggles to keep up his record-breaking pace, while a huge mistake threatens Rick's operation. Monica hopes the ground has thawed so she can hit gold. S10, Ep18 
21:00New: Code Of The Wild Dutch Schultz's Missing Millions. Chris and Casey Keefer are in New York tracking down the lost fortune of Dutch Schultz. The brothers use Schultz's final words to guide them. S1, Ep8 
22:00Natalie Wood: An American... ...Murder Mystery. On a cold November night in 1981, Hollywood legend Natalie Wood disappears from the yacht she's staying on with her husband, actor Robert Wagner. What happened to her? 
23:00The Madeleine McCann Mystery When three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from her holiday apartment in 2007, it shocked the world. Still unsolved, new analysis is made to try and discover the truth. 
01:00FBI Files The Perfect Heist. The FBI is called after a vault door refuses to open as it has been blasted into from the ceiling and over $2 million in valuables is gone. S6, Ep7 
02:00FBI Files Brotherhood of Hate. A state trooper is shot after pulling over a van. Officers apprehend the shooter and the ATF is alerted when weapons are found in the man's vehicle. S6, Ep8 
03:00FBI Files Killer Instinct. After a series of violent carjackings in 1992 in the Washington, DC area, agents discover a pattern. S6, Ep9 
03:50Kindig Customs The F Five Ohhhhhhh. Otto Vega's Ford 150 crosses the finish line, and the guys scramble to get the exhaust, the colour of the car and the engine just right. S3, Ep7 
04:40Kindig Customs It's Like 1929 In Here. Dave buys a 1929 Roadster that he wants to fix up and flip, but Kevin fears he's bought another lemon. Kris tackles an engine that won't cooperate. S3, Ep8 
05:30How It's Made Follow the amazing manufacturing processes behind flight simulators, traditional bookbinding, greenhouse tomatoes and hurricane-proof shutters. S15, Ep4 
06:00Richard Hammond's Big World Biggest Car Factory. Richard explores Volkswagen's giant car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. He checks out its futuristic technology and discovers how this mega-factory works! S1, Ep1