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Listings for Dave on Wednesday, June 19 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Top Gear Motoring magazine show featuring fast cars, insane stunts, crazy challenges and serious speed. S25 Ep6 
08:00American Pickers Italian Job, Part 1: Hang on lads, we've got a great idea - send you to Italy! Mike and Frank go globetrotting and top of their wish list is a 1947 Cisitalia Nuvolari Spyder. S6 Ep1 
09:00Storage Hunters Safe Bet The riotous reality show following the Berniers as they try to make cash from items left in storage lockers, this time in Redondo Beach. A safe sparks a bidding war. S2 Ep2 
09:30Storage Hunters Checkmate More from the fiery series following those who try to make cash from items left in storage lockers. Tempers flare between two couples as bidding on a bin escalates. S2 Ep3 
10:00American Pickers Italian Job, Part 2: They've ransacked all of America, so now join pro pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz on their travels! In Italy, the lads eye up mopeds and robot toys. S6 Ep2 
11:00Storage Hunters Double Cross Wildly competitive US series in which bargain hunters try to make cash from abandoned storage units. Brandon and Lori team up with Jesse - but can he be trusted? S2 Ep4 
11:30Storage Hunters Auction On Wheels Hit US reality show. The Berniers hunt down more potential bargains in storage lockers. A trio of RVs are up for sale, plus some bronze statues and jet skis. S2 Ep5 
12:00American Pickers Sicilian Standoff Having exhausted the big boot of Italy, our skilled antiques pickers kick around for bargains in little Sicily. Vintage scooters are the order of the day. S6 Ep3 
13:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Reality series. A succession of knifings leaves the police facing a potential double murder investigation. The team raid the house of a suspected drug dealer and discover weapons. S3 Ep7 
14:00Sin City Motors To Hell You Ride The talented grease monkeys go loco in their efforts to build a train-themed rat rod. Railroads are a big part of American history, so can they keep on track? S2 Ep8 
15:00Timber Kings Sink or Swim Andre is on cue to deliver a pool table, until a game changing request. It is sink or swim for Joel and Bryan Sr as they build their first ever log boathouse. S4 Ep5 
16:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. Another visit to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's ranch, where eight contestants pit themselves against an obstacle course to win big money. S4 Ep2 
17:00Top Gear The Hamster takes to the track in the Lexus supercar. And will bluesman Seasick Steve turn into Carsick Steve when he becomes the latest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car? S14 Ep7 
18:00Top Gear The lads face a trucking nightmare as they try to become HGV drivers. Jeremy also tries out a scary Porsche 911, while Michael Parkinson is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S12 Ep1 
19:00Would I Lie to You? Celebs try to out-bluff one another as they reveal barely believable titbits about themselves. Joan Bakewell, Warwick Davis, Paul Hollywood and Jason Manford join the regulars. S7 Ep3 
19:40Would I Lie to You? Trumped-up tales and uncomfortable truths in the humorous panel show! The little liars joining Rob Brydon and co are Matt Dawson, Mel Giedroyc, Josh Widdicombe and Dermot O'Leary. S7 Ep4 
20:20QI Endings No end to the engagingly erudite musings from Stephen Fry and friends in the comedy panel show. The guests are Jimmy Carr, Doon Mackichan, Dara O Briain and Alan Davies. S5 Ep11 
21:00New: Taskmaster This Is Trevor Joe Thomas grapples grumpily with some awkward hand-wear, Sian Gibson seems to find proof that she may be psychic and Iain Stirling shows some tasty shortbread who's boss. S8 Ep7 
22:00New: Judge Romesh A rapper has to defend himself against claims he's getting too close to his fans. And a wife is furious at her husband for his extreme ironing antics. S2 Ep9 
22:30New: Judge Romesh A colour-blind husband is in the dock for his hapless DIY efforts, and a frustrated fiancÚ needs Judge Romesh's help to make his dream wedding come true. S2 Ep10 
23:00QI Jolly The chipper quiz show looking for some quite interesting answers. Stephen Fry has a jolly good time in the company of Julia Zemiro, Tim Vine, Rob Brydon and Alan Davies. S10 Ep15 
23:40QI Empire The really quite interesting comedy quiz show. Stephen Fry rules with an iron fist as he quizzes Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Sean Lock and Jo Brand on the subject of empires. S5 Ep12 
00:20Mock the Week The country's leading comic lights show no mercy in the satirical panel show. Dara O Briain welcomes Marcus Brigstocke, Gary Delaney and Zoe Lyons and regulars Chris, Hugh and Andy. S11 Ep3 
01:00QI Just the Job Inventive quizzing, with inspector of gadgets Stephen Fry posing questions on genius gizmos to Sandi Toksvig, Jason Manford, Jeremy Clarkson and Alan Davies. S10 Ep16 
01:40Live at the Apollo Sarah Millican/Steve Hughes/Russell Kane An evening of comedy from the Hammersmith Apollo, hosted by Sarah Millican. There are sets from Steve Hughes and the award-winning Russell Kane. S7 Ep6 
02:45Suits Trust The lawfully good US courtroom drama. While Mike seeks to gain Kevin's trust, Jessica is trying to improve the firm's damaged reputation. Louis wants Donna's help. S6 Ep5 
03:25Mock the Week The country's leading comic lights show no mercy in the satirical panel show. Dara O Briain welcomes Marcus Brigstocke, Gary Delaney and Zoe Lyons and regulars Chris, Hugh and Andy. S11 Ep3 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.