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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, March 28 2020

06:00Mike & Molly Goin' Fishin': Mike and Molly adjust to their new status as an engaged couple, but trouble arises as Molly starts planning the wedding while Mike wants to go fishing with the guys. (S2 Ep1) 
06:25Mike & Molly Dennis's Birthday Molly urges Mike to give up his apartment and move in with her. Mike's mother Peggy gets a big surprise when she celebrates her boyfriend Dennis's birthday. (S2 Ep2) 
06:45The Big Bang Theory The Closet Reconfiguration When Howard and Bernadette get Sheldon to organise their untidy closet, Sheldon finds an unopened letter from Howard's long-absent father. (S6 Ep19/24) 
07:10The Big Bang Theory The Tenure Turbulence A tenured position becomes available at the university, and competition soon heats up when Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Kripke all apply for it. (S6 Ep20/24) 
07:30The Big Bang Theory The Closure Alternative Amy employs a series of exercises to cure Sheldon of his compulsion to complete every task without fail and seek closure for every incident. (S6 Ep21/24) 
07:50The Big Bang Theory The Proton Resurgence Leonard and Sheldon hire Professor Proton, the host of a TV science show they watched as children, to come to their flat and entertain them. (S6 Ep22/24) 
08:15The Simpsons The Fat and the Furriest Homer becomes a laughing stock when he is caught on tape running away from a bear at the dump. So he hunts down the bear in an attempt to regain his dignity. 
08:40The Simpsons Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious: Supernanny Shary Bobbins comes to the rescue of Marge Simpson, who is so stressed that her hair has started to fall out. 
09:10The Simpsons Bart Star Homer takes over as the manager of Bart's American football team after forcing Ned to quit the position. Guest starring Mike Judge as Hank Hill. 
09:40The Simpsons Lisa's Sax The family recall the story of when Lisa got her saxophone. It all started when Bart was having trouble at school and had to see the psychologist... 
10:10The Simpsons The Cartridge Family After witnessing a riot, Homer decides to buy a gun. But after taking possession of the weapon, he starts to use it in a shockingly irresponsible way. 
10:40The Simpsons The Regina Monologues The Simpsons go to London with $1000 that Bart found. But Homer crashes the hire car into the Queen and gets locked in the Tower. Guest stars include Tony Blair. 
11:10The Simpsons The Twisted World of Marge Simpson Marge opens a pretzel franchise after meeting the Pretzel Man (guest star Jack Lemmon). But Fat Tony wants a slice of the action. 
11:40The Simpsons Mountain of Madness An avalanche traps Homer and Mr Burns in a mountain cabin during a team-building exercise. 
12:10The Simpsons The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show Homer gets a job on The Itchy & Scratchy Show, providing the voice of wisecracking surfer dog Poochie, a new character brought in by the network. 
12:40The Dog House Will nervous young Labrador Loki find a new home with seasoned dog owner Sharron? A small terrier called Midnight seeks a potential forever home with a young couple. (Ep6/8) 
13:45Four in a Bed Hospitality expert Jayne and her husband Pete pride themselves on their attention to detail at The White Horse Inn in Maldon in Essex. But paying to park is an issue for some guests. 
14:20Four in a Bed Christine and her toyboy husband Paul host at the Barnfield B&B in St Osyth, Essex, where Christine also runs spiritual retreats. But two couples are shocked by the bathroom arrangements. 
14:50Four in a Bed The third visit is to The Black Swan in Pickering, Yorkshire, where Phil and Jill have spent huge sums on their 18th-century inn. But hardly any of the guests get a good night's sleep. 
15:25Four in a Bed Agi and Jayne host at Delamere Farm in Northborough. The deluxe rooms impress the guests, but fastidious Jayne picks up on a few imperfect details. 
15:55Four in a Bed It's the final day of the competition and the owners are meeting for the last time to settle some scores. After bitter rebukes and tears, the payments are revealed and the winner announced. 
16:30A Place in the Sun Ben Hillman is on the island of Lanzarote helping house-hunters Sue and Ray, who met nearly 30 years ago through a shared love of football and are now looking for a home to retire to. 
17:30Channel 4 News Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather. 
18:00New: Animal Rescue School It's spring and the trainees are out shadowing qualified inspectors. Georgie rescues two cats and a swan in trouble, while Natalie helps the police stamp out illegal blood sport. (Ep2) 
19:00My Grandparents' War: Helena... ...Bonham Carter: The actor explores her grandparents' wartime stories. Grandfather Eduardo helped Jewish people flee the Holocaust. Grandmother Violet fought for women's rights. (Ep1/4) 
20:00Britain's Viking Graveyard A mass Viking grave has been found in a Derbyshire garden. It reveals the extraordinary stories of female Viking warriors and new evidence of a massive military encampment. 
21:00Girls Trip Film (2017) Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith are among a star cast as college pals reunited for a music festival. Suffice it to say, there's trouble ahead. Strong language/sex/nudity/drugs. 
23:25Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Film (2016) Outrageous adult comedy with Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. A well-intentioned online advert leads to chaos at a wedding. Very strong language/sex/drugs. 
03:20Zoolander 2 Film (2016) Comedy sequel starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald are press-ganged by Interpol into tracking down a serial killer. Violence. 
04:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Liam has a surprise for those who have wronged him. Can Tony forgive and forget? Brody and Liberty get too close for comfort. And Walter decides that he doesn't want to lose Mitchell. 
06:05The King of Queens Four Play Doug and Deacon start hanging out with each other's wives when they find out they have more in common with them than with their own spouses. 
06:25The King of Queens Hartford Wailer Doug crashes Carrie's work weekend away, but she's not there. Danny and Spence blag their way into a Huey Lewis concert (guest starring Huey as himself). 
06:50Everybody Loves Raymond Big Shots Ray tries to get to the front of the queue to meet the New York Mets' 1969 'miracle' team at the Baseball Hall of Fame. 
07:15Everybody Loves Raymond Move Over Ray comes to regret asking Debra to give him more space in bed. 
07:40The Big Bang Theory The Love Spell Potential When the girls' trip to Las Vegas falls through, the guys invite them to a Dungeons & Dragons night that changes Sheldon and Amy's relationship. (S6 Ep23/24) 
08:00The Big Bang Theory The Bon Voyage Reaction Leonard is offered an exciting job opportunity that will keep him out of the country for several months. Raj pushes the boundaries of his relationship. (S6 Ep24/24)