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Listings for Cbeebies on Saturday, May 25 2019

06:00Show Me Show Me 12/26. Children's show. There's lots of dancing to join in with in this episode - Chris and Pui pretend to be kites dancing in the breeze and Pui holds a silent disco! [S] 
06:20Twirlywoos 6/30. Stop-motion preschool programme. The Twirlywoos find that playing with a radio can have very noisy consequences. Back in the boat, the Stop-Go Car comes to visit. [S,AD] 
06:35Teletubbies 53/60. Preschool series. The Teletubbies become a pop group and perform a song. In Tummy Tales, children watch a one-man band playing music and accompany him by playing their own. 
06:50Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 6/26. Animation set in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. Raa Raa becomes the singer in Crocky's Jingly Jangly Jungle Band. [S] 
07:00Postman Pat: Special Delivery... ...Service. 24/26. Children's animation. Pat has an extra special delivery today - an actual pop star! But can he get him to the concert in time? [S] 
07:15Bing 66/78. Children's animation. Bing and his friends play nature explorers in Amma's garden by spinning a giant colour wheel and then finding something of that colour. [AD] 
07:25Bing 52/78. Children's animation. It's music time at the creche, and everyone wants a turn on the drum. Bing gets impatient waiting for his turn and tries to grab the drum from Sula. [AD] 
07:30Hey Duggee Animated preschool series. Duggee and the Squirrels go camping, but it's not as easy as they thought it would be. [S] 
07:40Hey Duggee Animated preschool series. When the Squirrels find Duggee playing the saxophone, they want to have a go too. [S] 
07:45Peter Rabbit Animated series. When Jeremy Fisher's recital attracts the attention of Mr Tod, Peter must get up to some musical mischief to save the day. [AD] 
08:00Go Jetters 29/51. Animated adventure comedy series. Someone's stopped the samba at the Rio carnival! Can the Go Jetters fix the glitch? [S] 
08:10Octonauts 11/24. Preschool animation. When a population of crawfish is stricken by a mysterious illness, the Octonauts race to find a cure. [S,AD] 
08:25Bitz & Bob 3/22. Animated preschool series. Bitz, Bob and Bevel discover Purl Power is looking for a new band. Is this the big chance for their band, The Booyahs? [AD] 
08:35The Furchester Hotel 6/52. Preschool puppet show. Funella hires a group of singing vegetables to make the guests happy, but they cause chaos and the Furchesters need a creative solution! [S,AD] 
08:45Biggleton 25/25. Preschool series. Oscar the nurse has been on a night shift and is ready for a nap, but he struggles to fall asleep because it is very noisy outside. [S] 
09:00Something Special 22/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Justin and some musical friends put on a concert. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is the judge of Tumbleton's Got Talent! [S] 
09:20CBeebies Presents In a retelling of Aesop's classic fable, join Mr Bloom, the Tiddlers and dancers from the Northern Ballet as they find out who will race the extremely fast Hare. [S,AD] 
10:05Go Jetters 16/51. Animated adventure comedy series. Grandmaster Glitch makes popcorn in Mount Etna, blocking the volcano and endangering the farms on its slopes. [S] 
10:15YolanDa's Band Jam 15/20. YolanDa warms up the audience with the "Funky Elephant Walk" and welcomes the UK's oldest steel pan group, Ebony Steel Band. [S] 
10:30Justin's House 16/25. Justin Fletcher entertains with singing, dancing and comedy. The first ever Justinbury Music Festival is taking place in Justin's house. [S] 
10:55Andy's Dinosaur Adventures 7/20. Children's dinosaur history series. Andy travels back in time 220 million years to the time of cynodont - a furry dog-like creature with excellent eyesight. [S,AD] 
11:10Catie's Amazing Machines 4/20. Preschool series. Catie tests out three amazing machines that run on rails: a steam train, an amazing Maglev train and a tram. [S] 
11:25Waffle the Wonder Dog 4/15. Preschool comedy drama series. It's Jess's 'bring a pet' birthday party and Waffle competes with Mr Meagre's parrot, Pickles, to be the star. [S] 
11:40Topsy and Tim 13/30. Live-action children's show. Mrs Higley-Pigley's cat, Tiger, is stuck up the tree outside Topsy and Tim's house. [AD] 
11:50Topsy and Tim 14/30. Live-action children's show. Topsy, Tim and their friend Tony Welch accidentally break one of Mummy's vases. [AD] 
12:00My World Kitchen 15/15. Okai has invited his friends over for a traditional Ghanaian meal made using okra. He works hard in the kitchen to make a tasty, colourful stew for them. [S] 
12:15Old Jack's Boat 13/26. Children's series. Ernie is really hungry but can't seem to find anything to eat. Jack remembers the story of the magic shell that made food. [S] 
12:30Melody 10/20. Mixed-media music show. After a trip to an art gallery, Melody listens to Carnival of Animals - The Swan, by Camille Saint-Saens. [S,AD] 
12:40Down on the Farm 5/15. Preschool series. Storm visits Crunchy and his team of horse loggers. JB shares a spring poem. Plus how daffodils are grown and picked. [S] 
13:00Where in the World? 18/20. Preschool series. Three children from Jordan, Vietnam and India all have very busy days. [AD] 
13:15My Story 17/25. Preschool history series. Daddy Douglas shares his memories of being in a pop band with his daughter Matilda. [S] 
13:30My Pet and Me 15/26. Series showing children what it really means to have a pet. Rory visits Keeley and her tortoise, Titch. They see how Titch likes to explore the garden. [S] 
13:45Footy Pups 15/30. Preschool sports series. Join international footballer Rachel Yankey and the team as they learn about kicking with the inside of their feet. [S,AD] 
14:00Something Special 14/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Mr Tumble feels sad because he has lost Tumble Ted, while Justin and his friend feel very happy as they play music and dance. [S] 
14:20Andy's Safari Adventures 39/40. Andy heads to Africa to film the courtship dance of a male Jackson's widowbird. Along the way, he goes flying with a bee-eater and takes a ride on the back of an ostrich. [S,AD,SL] 
14:35Junk Rescue 17/30. Preschool series about upcycling. Danny needs help rescuing a pile of old sofa cushions, while Zoe finds a box of unwanted car-washing equipment. [S,AD,SL] 
14:50Catie's Amazing Machines 11/20. Preschool series. Catie tests out three amazing trucks: an articulated lorry, a road train and a front-loading bin lorry! [S,SL] 
15:05Bitz & Bob 16/22. Animated preschool series. It's froggy dude migration day and Bevel is guiding them to water with some help from Bitz. [S,AD,SL] 
15:15Tree Fu Tom 16/20. Animated fantasy adventure show. Muru sets Tom and Twigs a quest to find something really, really, really amazing. [S,SL] 
15:40Go Jetters 18/51. Animated adventure comedy series. Ubercorn is excited to see the northern lights, but Glitch's Grunge-Grimbler covers them with smoke. [S,SL] 
15:55Peter Rabbit Animated series. Benjamin gets a pet snail, but his friends can't see the appeal, especially when it attracts the attention of Old Brown! [S,AD,SL] 
16:05Waffle the Wonder Dog 11/15. Preschool comedy drama series. Doug's mum Zoe brings surprises for the Brooklyn-Bells, but Waffle is sad because Doug is going to stay with her for a few days. [S,SL] 
16:20My First 9/20. Preschool series. Debbie takes her first-ever train ride to York to visit the railway museum. [S,SL] 
16:30Magic Hands 11/20. Mae, Nadeem and Sheba ride a fun rollercoaster to explore the four corners of the world in a take on Aladdin's 'A Whole New World', performed in British Sign Language. [S] 
16:40Treasure Champs Barry shows Kari how to use a box of old rubbish creatively. [S,AD] Followed by Our Family; Today, five-year-old Raphael and three-year-old Eli are being chefs. 
17:00Gigglebiz 2/25. Comedy sketch show for younger viewers. Accident-prone DIY Dan attempts to build a kennel for his little dog. [S] 
17:15Molly and Mack 12/20. Preschool drama series. Mack helps Bob with a flower display, but Mrs Juniper thinks the flowers are hers, and Mack can't bring himself to tell her the truth. [S] 
17:30Katie Morag 5/13. Live-action children's show set in Scotland. Katie Morag comes up with an idea to hold a competition to see who can grow the biggest carrot. [S,AD] 
17:45Sarah & Duck 26/40. Animation. Sarah's tuba is making some very peculiar sounds, so a trip to the music shop is in order. [AD] 
17:50Charlie and Lola 3/26. Children's animation with the brother and sister. Lola and Lotta are pleased when Marv lets them look after his dog Sizzles. [S,AD] 
18:00Tee and Mo 31/50. Preschool animation about a baby monkey and his mother. Tee and Mo are on a car trip to the beach, but Tee runs out of entertainment immediately. It's going to be a long trip... 
18:10Clangers 1/26. Animation about a family of small creatures who live on, and inside, a planet. Mother Clanger closes her garden to visitors to get a bit of peace. [AD] 
18:20In the Night Garden 29/100. Igglepiggle decides to sleep in Upsy Daisy's bed when she goes after a ball. When Upsy Daisy discovers Igglepiggle, she chases him. [S] 
18:50CBeebies Bedtime Stories Gather your 'tiny dancers' for tonight's wonderful Bedtime Story told by music legend Sir Elton John. [S] 
18:58..programmes start at 6.00am  
00:58..programmes start at 6.00am No programme information available 
05:30This Is CBeebies Welcome to the CBeebies channel. Programmes start at 6.00am. 
06:00Show Me Show Me 15/26. Children's show. Chris and Pui say 'hello, cello' and listen to its gliding and plucking sounds with Teddington. [S]