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Listings for BBC 1 Scotland on Thursday, May 30 2019

06:00Breakfast The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. [S] 
09:15Britain's Secret Charity Cheats 4/5. Kevin Duala sets out to expose charity scammers. Here, the story of a crook who tricked more than 100 job seekers looking for work in the charity sector out of thousands of pounds. [S] 
10:00Homes Under the Hammer 18/30. Martel visits a semi-detached house in Dover, Kent, and a parcel of land in Birmingham. Martin is at a terrace in Tonypandy, south Wales. [S,AD] 
11:00A1: Britain's Longest Road 4/10. The innocent party in a three-car crash ends up on the wrong side of the law. A huge operation is launched to move a 300-tonne load up the A1. [S] 
11:45The Housing Enforcers 20/20. The Housing Enforcers team up with the police to raid a property, only for the tenants to escape. Matt visits a granddad whose rented home is infested with flies. [S] 
12:15Bargain Hunt 22/32. Eric Knowles oversees this episode, which comes from the Westpoint Arena in Exeter. Nick Hall and Richard Madley help the reds and blues search for items. [S,AD] 
13:00BBC News at One National and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather. [S] 
13:30Reporting Scotland The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland. [S] 
13:45Doctors 131/195. Sid is faced with a dilemma, Daniel has to deal with the aftermath, and Zara gets drawn into an awkward situation when she attends a physio. [S,AD] 
14:15Impossible 4/20. The quiz show where players must avoid the impossible answer to stay in the competition. 21 people begin the week, but how many of them will survive to face the 10,000 question? [S] 
15:00Escape to the Country 11/70. Jonnie Irwin is in Shropshire with a military couple armed with a 500,000 budget and an ambition to enjoy country life with their young daughter. [S,AD] 
15:45Garden Rescue 18/40. In Alton, Jemma and Mike want a garden inspired by their honeymoon in Provence. But this romantic wish is a long way from the boring space they have now! [S] 
16:30The Repair Shop Kirsten Ramsay takes on a beautiful Majolica vase that has met with several accidents over the years. [S] 
17:15Pointless The quiz returns for another series in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by coming up with the answers no-one else could think of. [S] 
18:00BBC News at Six The latest national and international news. [S] 
18:30Reporting Scotland The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland. Presented by Laura Maciver. [S] 
19:00The One Show If it's got Britain talking then it will get talked about on The One Show. Matt Baker and a special guest presenter bring you the stories that matter from across the country. [S] 
19:30EastEnders Everyone thinks the worst about Stuart, Callum's loyalty is tested and Gray uncovers the truth. [S,AD] 
20:00Eat Well for Less? 8/8. With one child who is a fussy eater and another who is dairy intolerant, mum Kate has to cook four separate meals every night. Can Gregg and Chris bring joy back to Kate's kitchen? [S,AD] 
21:00Ambulance Call handler Laura offers life saving advice to a panicked 999 caller, the call makes such a deep impact that she decides on the spot to change the direction of her life. [S] 
22:00BBC News at Ten The latest national and international news. [S] 
22:25Reporting Scotland The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland. [S] 
22:35Question Time Fiona Bruce presents Question Time from Epsom with a panel of politicians and other guests facing topical questions from the audience. [S] 
23:35Dying for a Degree One family's fight for answers after their daughter took her own life. Natasha Abrahart was one of 11 students at the University of Bristol to kill themselves in 18 months. [S] 
00:05Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather forecast. [S] 
00:10Joins BBC News BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] 
06:00Breakfast The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. [S]