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Listings for BBC 1 on Tuesday, March 19 2019

06:00Breakfast The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. [S] 
09:15Crimewatch Roadshow Live 32/35. Michelle Ackerley is in London with the Metropolitan Police as they celebrate 100 years of women in the force. [S] 
10:00Homes Under the Hammer A large Victorian semi in Dresden in Stoke-on-Trent, a two-bed semi in Croydon in London and some public loos in Kincardine in Fife are sold at auction. [S,AD] 
11:00Good Morning Dagenham To celebrate the depth of talent amongst the traders and customers at the market, the team put on a talent show, but will an attack of stage fright derail their careful plans? [S,AD] 
11:45Dom on the Spot 2/5. Dom spends a busy day with the revenue protection team out to catch and fine Birmingham's train fare evaders. [S] 
12:15Bargain Hunt 24/32. Anita Manning travels by steam to the Elsecar Heritage Centre in Yorkshire, where she is joined by experts Kate Bliss and Jonathan Pratt. [S,AD] 
13:00BBC News The latest national and international news from the BBC. [S] 
13:30London News The latest news, sport and weather from London. 
13:45Doctors 87/195. The consequences of Al's call to social services is made clear. Sid is pleased to sign off a minor surgery patient after her final procedure, but why isn't she so happy? [S,AD] 
14:15Shakespeare & Hathaway -... ...Private Investigators. 7/10. Comedy drama about two private detectives. A workplace compensation claim is not as straightforward as it first seems. [S,AD] 
15:00Escape to the Country 28/70. Jonnie Irwin is in Gloucestershire to help a green-fingered couple armed with an 800,000 budget find their perfect retreat with plenty of space to enjoy their hobbies. [S] 
15:45Money for Nothing 7/20. In Bradford, Jay Blades roots around the car boots for hidden gems he can revamp. Among the items he finds are an old typewriter and a sewing machine. [S] 
16:30Flog It! Paul Martin presents from Powderham Castle in Devon. Experts Claire Rawle and Mark Stacey look at several collections, including some steam train memorabilia. [S] 
17:15Pointless Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. [S] 
18:00BBC News The latest national and international news from the BBC. [S] 
18:30London News The latest news, sport and weather from London. [S] 
19:00The One Show Matt Baker and Alex Jones bring you the stories that matter from across the country. [S] 
19:30EastEnders Ruby plays with fire. Kush finds himself in a tricky situation. Denise hatches a plan to help Patrick. [S,AD] 
20:00Holby City 11/53. Ric battles to control Kofi's anger when he arrives at Holby with Darla. Frieda returns to Darwin ready to lose herself in work, only to be paired with a Zosia for the day. [S,AD] 
21:00Shetland 6/6. Perez closes in on Zezi's location at last. But can he reach her before it's too late? Contains some strong language. [S,AD] 
22:00BBC News The latest national and international news from the BBC. [S] 
22:25London News The latest news, sport and weather from London. [S] 
22:35Eating With My Ex 3/9. Megan wants an apology from her ex Alexi for his flirtatious ways. Things get emotional for exes Josh and Courtney. Jordan is tired of the booty calls from his ex George. [S] 
23:05The Man Who Used HIV As a Weapon The shocking accounts of five men who were abused by Daryll Rowe. Contains some strong language and some upsetting scenes. [S] 
23:55Should I Marry My Cousin? Documentary in which 18-year-old Hiba explores the controversial but legal custom of first-cousin marriage, which has taken place in her own family for generations. [S] 
00:30Weather for the Week Ahead Detailed weather forecast. [S] 
00:35BBC News BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] 
06:00Breakfast The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. [S]