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Listings for 4music on Tuesday, July 7 2020

03:00Teleshopping No programme information available 
07:00Wake Up & Work Out Your work out starts here! We'll get you up and running in no time with these fast-paced, back-to-back hits... 
08:00Fresh Mornings Your day starts here! Join us as we've compiled for you all the freshest hits from your favourite artists that'll help you get ready for the day ahead in no time! 
08:30Fresh In Lockdown While our studios are shut, the music does not stop! Soak up intimate live performances direct from the homes of Fresh alumni Becky Hill, Tom Walker, Ray BLK and more. 
09:00Top 10 UK Hotlist: Kiss Edition We count down the UK's top 10 hottest new beats, as compiled by Spotify. Check out this mix of rap, RandB, soul, grime and more. Keep it locked. 
09:504Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
10:00Summer Vibes: Rewind The Hits AJ Odudu has been raiding the archives to bring you the ultimate in old skool summer songs. Expect classics from Beyoncé, Flo Rida, Justin Timberlake and the Fresh Prince himself 
12:00Showdown: Bieber Vs Ariana Two of pop's biggest stars Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande go head to head in a showdown of their biggest hits! Will Ariana dismiss Bieber with a 'thank u, next'? Or will he stay 'Confident'? 
12:15Charmed Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun A demon seeking to gain immortality by drinking from a magic spring kills one of three nymphs who protect a lake. Can the Charmed Ones help the two survivors? 
13:10Sabrina, The Teenage Witch It's Halloween, and Sabrina is having a ghoulish time adjusting to her new job at the coffeehouse. (S4e06) 
13:35Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Hilda and Zelda experience a life-changing event when they discover they are adopted. (S4e07) 
14:00Don't Tell the Bride Australian-born Adam is taking a risk planning an '80s Aussie soap' wedding when bride-to-be Rachel is hoping for something classy and sophisticated. 
15:00Don't Tell the Bride In Dublin, Harry Potter fan Brendan becomes a wedding wizard, but will his stylish Mexican partner Victor be spellbound by dragons, cauldrons, owls and broomsticks? 
16:00Charmed Sense and Sense Ability Using a statue with ancient powers, a crone steals one of the senses from each of the Halliwell sisters in order to take Leo prisoner and get close to baby Wyatt. 
17:00Malcolm in the Middle Lois and Hal leave the boys alone for the weekend with Francis, promising him that if all goes well, he may not have to go back to military school. (S1, ep3) 
17:30Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm feels guilty after he lashes out at a bully and then learns that the bully is only seven years old. Hal takes heat after cutting down a tree. (S1, ep4) 
18:00Sabrina, The Teenage Witch New charge card from the Other Realm causes Sabrina to forget that the most important things in life can't be bought. (S4e08) 
18:30Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Sabrina goes a little overboard in her attempt to seem more mature for the attentions of a college boy. (S4e09) 
19:00Scrubs My Fifteen Seconds As JD's relationship with Danni progresses, he and Dr Cox are forced to spend more time together outside the hospital, to the latter's annoyance. 
19:30Scrubs My Friend the Doctor Turk is delighted to finally make it through a solo surgery without Carla's assistance. JD makes a surprising discovery about how the Janitor really feels about him. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother Romeward Bound The Captain asks Lily to move to Rome so that she can act as his art consultant while he lives there, but she frets about the effect on Marshall's career. (S8 Ep21/24) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother The Bro-Mitzvah Ted and Marshall are determined to arrange a legendary stag night for Barney, while Robin endures a difficult evening out with Barney's adoring mother. 
21:008 Out of 10 Cats Uncut S16, E04. The topical panel show with host Jimmy Carr and team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson. The teams are joined by Tess Daly, Joe Wilkinson and Aisling Bea. 
21:50Tattoo Fixers on Holiday Caroline's mid-life crisis led to a Magaluf mistake that's driving her bananas, and Kieron's poorly chosen rap lyrics definitely need a parental advisory warning. (Ep6/8) 
22:50Celebrity Coach Trip A party of celebrity sightseers are packed and ready for a fun-filled road trip round Europe, including Love Islanders Georgia Steel and Alexandra Cane. (S2 Ep1/10) 
23:50First Dates Abroad Dating is tough at the best of times, but for Saem from Canada, who is a transgender person, it comes with a different set of challenges. How will her date with Chester go? (Ep11/14) 
00:20First Dates Abroad In Canada, 41-year-old Erica is eager to announce that she hasn't had sex in five years. Can 51-year-old estate agent Gus help her to end her dating drought? (Ep12/14) 
00:50Anger Management S2 E58. How far will Charlie go to keep Lacey from ruining her ex's wedding? Meanwhile, Jordan makes a big mistake while taking care of Sean while he is sick. 
01:20Anger Management S2 E59. Charlie sleeps with the girlfriend of a violent prisoner in his clinic, only to find out that the prisoner is being released the next day. 
01:45Anger Management S2 E60. When Charlie breaks it off with a police officer he's been dating, she abuses her power to make his life miserable. 
02:10Anger Management S2 E61. Charlie reluctantly hires an ex-con from his study as his plumber, who immediately takes an interest in Lacey. 
02:35Guidance Katina's new accusations make some students very uncomfortable. 
03:00Teleshopping This is 4Music