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Listings for 4music on Wednesday, September 18 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00The Morning Hitlist Your day starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you out of bed in no time! 
08:00Hotmix Exclusive non-stop mix of the hottest tracks to soundtrack your life! 
08:55VOTW: Billie Eilish Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is Billie Eilish with 'All The Good Girls Go To Hell'. 
09:00UK Music Video Chart We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
10:30Hit Mornings With Pandora The only place to be this morning is right here! Join @pandoratweets for the biggest hits, the hottest goss and a whole lot more! 
12:15Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons S06, E08. Scott is consumed by negative feelings about the Hamptons and decides to leave early and return to Los Angeles. Khlo and Kourtney hire a new employee as a favour to Bruce. 
13:15Coach Trip: Road to Zante Brand new series: In Ston, Croatia, the tourists find a morning oyster tasting hard to swallow before a lively afternoon at the local salt flats. (Ep23/40) 
13:45Coach Trip: Road to Zante Brand new series: The tourists scale new heights as they abseil down the city walls of Dubrovnik. And the group welcome a brand new tour guide, Riana, as Brendan has a day off. (Ep24/40) 
14:10Keeping Up With The Kardashians Rob is in crisis, but when members of the family intervene he refuses their help, leaving Kris at her wits' end. Khlo leads an employees' team-building retreat. 
15:0590210 Rush Hour In an effort to regain their status, Naomi and Annie host some sorority games. Annie finds out a shocking secret about new guy Jeremy. 
16:00Charmed The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts: Prue casts a truth spell in order to find out how Andy will react to her being a witch, and Phoebe has a premonition of a woman being murdered 
17:00Coach Trip: Road to Zante Brand new series: The group take to kayaks to see Dubrovnik from the sea before an Olympian takes them for a game of water polo. (Ep25/40) 
17:30Coach Trip: Road to Zante Brand new series: The coach arrives in the Italian city of Bari, where some new tourists try pole dancing before hitting the golf course, and there are strong words at the vote. (Ep26/40) 
17:55Picture This: Upfront From selling out their debut gig in a record 30 minutes, to touring the world with their devoted fans, we get up close and personal with Ireland's most exciting new exports; Picture This. 
18:05Keeping Up With The Kardashians When Khlo closes the book on her relationship with French Montana, Malika gets caught in the crossfire. Kris drags Kylie on a mother-daughter bonding trip to San Diego. 
19:00Scrubs Our New Girl-Bro While Turk struggles to find a replacement best friend, Elliot offers some sound advice to an overworked and exhausted Lucy. 
19:30Scrubs Our White Coats Before receiving their white coats, the medical students of Winston University are asked to state their reasons for wanting to become doctors. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother P.S. I Love You: Marshall and Lily worry that Ted's new girlfriend Jeanette is a deranged stalker, but Ted insists that their meeting is simply the result of destiny. (S8 Ep15/24) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother Bad Crazy Ted is reluctant to break up with his crazy girlfriend Jeanette, despite the advice of his friends. Robin is intimidated by the idea of holding baby Marvin. (S8 Ep16/24) 
21:008 Out of 10 Cats S14, E04. Guests Louie Spence, Rachel Riley, David O'Doherty and Joe Lycett join Jimmy Carr and team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson for an edition of the topical events game show. 
21:50Rude Tube: World of Fail Alex Zane presents a series of the latest and greatest internet clips. This show has the Top 50 most comical online catastrophes, including a marathon parallel parking fail. 
22:502 Broke Girls And the Tease Time As Caroline prepares for a third date with Bobby she aims to spice things up by taking a burlesque class, accompanied by a sceptical Max. (S6 Ep16/22) 
23:202 Broke Girls And the Jessica Shmessica When Bobby invites Caroline to meet his family, she's shocked to discover that they're still devoted to his ex-girlfriend Jessica. (S6 Ep17/22) 
23:50Supernatural Brand new series - The British Invasion: Sam and Dean obtain a new lead on Kelly's whereabouts and when Mick drops in at the bunker he decides to join in the Winchesters' hunt. (S12 Ep17) 
00:50Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Margeaux and Nikko dissect Mimi's side of the story; Joc tries to smooth things over with Khadiyah; Joseline learns that Stevie has been working with other artists. 
01:50Xena: Warrior Princess When Julius Caesar captures Vercinix, Xena captures Crassus to trade for him. But Crassus plays with Gabrielle's head during the trip, leading her to doubt Xena's motives and judgment. 
02:50Alessia Cara Upfront We get up close and personal with Alessia Cara as she chats about her new music and evolution as an artist, to hearing all she's learnt through the music making process. 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping