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Listings for Living Tv on Sunday, August 9 2015

06:00Bones A Boy In A Bush Detective Booth and anthropologist Brennan investigate the assault and murder of a boy found in a field. Scientific drama with added chemistry. (S1, ep 5) 
07:00Bones The Man In The Wall Booth and Brennan are intrigued by the mummified body of a hip-hop DJ, unearthed behind the wall of a nightclub. (S1, ep 6) 
08:00Bones The Man On Death Row Brennan and Booth suspect a condemned man may be innocent, and fight for his stay of execution. It's when they exhume a body that doubts emerge. (S1, ep 7) 
09:00Nothing To Declare Documentary following the officers protecting Australia's borders. Cameras capture first-hand how they deal with drug-runners, smugglers and strange creepy-crawlies. (S7b, ep 17) 
09:30Nothing To Declare The fly-on-the-wall documentary joins the men and women who enforce Australia's customs, quarantine and immigration laws at the nation's airports and harbours. (S7b, ep 18) 
10:00Nothing To Declare The observational documentary series goes to the frontline of Australia's defence against customs, quarantine and immigration violations. (S7b, ep 19) 
10:30Nothing To Declare Cameras join officers from Australia's airports, harbours and mail services as they protect the nation from drug-smugglers, illegal products and unusual creepy-crawlies. (S7b, ep 20) 
11:00Nothing To Declare The observational documentary series goes to the frontline of Australia's defence against customs, quarantine and immigration violations. (S8, ep 1) 
11:30New: Sportswomen A look at all the biggest news and talking points in the world of women's sport. With big-name guests and behind-the-scenes features. 
12:00UK Border Force The series going behind the scenes of immigration continues with rush hour at Calais. Officers search UK-bound lorries for illegal immigrants, with today's searches proving fruitful. (5/8) 
13:00UK Border Force A routine passport control check at Heathrow's Terminal 3 turns into a marathon investigation. And a cleaning company is raided during a search for illegal immigrants. (6/8) 
14:00UK Border Force A raid on a bingo hall in Yeovil uncovers illegal workers, while Iraqi clandestines are discovered in the back of a lorry in Calais and stopped from entering the UK. (7/8) 
15:00UK Border Force In the final instalment of the series, the Manchester enforcement team conducts raids in Rochdale in search of illegal workers, while a man is deported to Nigeria. (8/8) 
16:00Border Security: Canada's... ...Front Line. A Korean bride-to-be tries to enter Canada as a tourist, and the Marine Enforcement Team tackles a massive Japanese freighter carrying an illegal passenger. (S1, ep 7) 
16:30Border Security: Canada's... ...Front Line. Officers suspect an IT consultant has arrived for more than just a holiday, and a surfer returns from Southeast Asia with a dodgy souvenir. (S1, ep 8) 
17:00Border Security: Canada's... ...Front Line. The Inland Enforcement Team track down an alleged German sex offender, while a detector dog sniffs out trouble in an unclaimed suitcase from Dubai. (S1, ep 9) 
17:30Border Security: Canada's... ...Front Line. A Canadian wanted in Alberta is stopped en route to Ecuador, and a parcel of baby food contains surprising ingredients. (S1, ep 10) 
18:00The Biggest Loser USA There are more drama, diets, gruelling challenges and tantrums as the weight-loss series nears its finishing line. (S14, ep 19) New. 
19:00America's Next Top Model Reflect on all the drama so far with highlights from the first 10 episodes of the season. (S21, ep 11) New. 
20:00CSI Miami Long Gone Horatio fights tooth and nail to find a missing family. A mass abduction suggests the work of an expert criminal, but defeat isn't an option for Horatio. (S10, ep 10) 
21:00Chicago Fire New & Exclusive. Chopper: The entire squad are tested when a helicopter crash causes chaos in the city. Amid the devastation, Brett gets cornered by a dangerous man with a gun. (S3, ep 8) 
22:00Bones The Spark in the Park When a man focuses on work immediately after his daughter's death, Booth wonders if he's got something to hide. Also, Cam meets her identity thief. (S9, ep 11) 
23:00Criminal Minds Coda The BAU investigate a harrowing case involving the kidnapping of the parents of a young child with autism. Romy Rosemont (Glee) guest stars. (S6, ep 16) 
00:00Criminal Minds Valhalla Events surrounding Prentiss and her ex-con adversary Ian Doyle come to a climactic head in the first of a thrilling two-part special. (S6, ep 17) 
01:00Elementary Illustrious Client The discovery of a young woman's body bearing similar torture wounds to Kitty's cause Holmes and Watson to fear for their protege's life. (S3, ep 11) 
02:00Elementary The One that Got Away Holmes and Watson throw everything into proving Kitty's attacker's guilt. Meanwhile, their young protege begins to unravel. (S3, ep 12) 
03:00The Real A & E A playground fight leaves a 12 year old with spinal injuries. Across town, a hole in the pavement proves the undoing of a fitter's mate who falls into a pub cellar, injuring his leg. 
03:30The Real A & E A fitness instructor has stitches without anaesthetic when he ruptures a varicose vein while jogging. Elsewhere, doctors must try to locate a bullet after a man shoots himself in the back. 
03:55The Real A & E A 73-year-old golfer has a heart attack on the fairway, but is saved by his quick-thinking friends. Elsewhere a 12 year old crashes his motorbike on his parents' farm. 
04:20UK Border Force The exclusive observational documentary series continues with immigration officers at Heathrow's Terminal 3 investigating a man who they suspect may be a drugs mule. (4/8) 
05:10Nothing To Declare Fly-on-the-wall documentary series following the men and women who defend Australia from drug runners, illegal immigrants and terrorists. 
05:35Nothing To Declare Fly-on-the-wall documentary series following the men and women who defend Australia from drug runners, illegal immigrants and terrorists. 
06:00Chopper Squad The helicopter rescue team fly in to help a teenage motorcyclist after a crash on a remote farm near Warkworth and a man suffering severe burns from an accidental explosion. (S4, ep 2)